On Showing Off

I’ve had lots of questions so I thought it was time for some answers. Since November 2019 I’ve shed 6 stone 10lbs… thats 43kg or 95lb. I was wearing over sized layers – somewhere around a UK 22. And yesterday I wore a size 14 skirt. I have talked about it in my blog – here – but havent talked about this subject publicly on Facebook because somewhere along the way in my 45 years on this planet, I picked up the idea that the worst thing I could be was a show off. But today I posted this. I … Continue reading On Showing Off

The Skirt of Success

Here’s a couple of glamorous photos of me! The first… March 2020 before I started detox. I’d done 30 days at this point and shed a massive 12 kilos and I was very very proud of myself! I went charity shop hopping as i was visiting the UK and found this brand new Gap skirt. At the time I was still a good size 18 but I had my eyes on the prize so I paid £5 intending that a 14 would soon fit. Well, I got it home and saw that it was teeny tiny! Then I spotted that … Continue reading The Skirt of Success

Memories of the Palace

Frock Up Saturday… Ok it’s not Friday today but yesterday I was dossing around the garden in shorts. However, today a memory popped up so I thought I would do a little comparison and dig out the same dress I last wore 7 years ago. It’s a bit creased… but so would you be after 7 years in a cave! It’s only had one outing before and that was on May 30th 2013 at Buckingham Palace when I froze to death at the Queens Garden party! 👸 🏰 👑 (I know I don’t look cold but it was flippin’ freezing!) … Continue reading Memories of the Palace