Reasons to Run

In one of my running groups (I’m in 2 really awesome ones!) someone asked the question ‘what do you get out of running apart from medals?’ There were some great answers, so I went for a run to think about mine and here is what I came up with… 1) It gives me time to do the things I always said I was too busy for, like listen to podcasts and audiobooks. And, because I listen to personal development and non-fiction books, my knowledge bank is always being boosted plus my mental health and coping mechanisms are better than ever. … Continue reading Reasons to Run

** London marathon update ** I got a virtual place! Holy crap. Does anyone remember back in October when buoyed up by watching the London Marathoners on TV, I decided to go out and run 10k swiftly followed by 16k (10miles) and then a few days later my first Half? Well what you don’t know, is that I came home and for some crazy reason I decided to enter the ballot for 2021. It may have appeared to be a brave move BUT I was fairly assured that I wouldn’t get a place, since I know so many proper runners … Continue reading

No one Cares

This made me laugh today. Thing is, over the last few weeks I’ve discovered that people really, really do care! Even the ones who don’t comment on my running updates, will comment on all sorts of other things. Different strokes for different folks. And the ones who don’t? Well they don’t matter… so I genuinely don’t care. We watched the Social Dilemma at the weekend. Nothing about it shocked or worried me. I know that I’m famously laid back, but none of it was news. I’ve carefully managed my social media use for years. I don’t count my likes or … Continue reading No one Cares

From couch to marathon…

This blog has the potential to become a marathon…. or at least a blog about my marathon training… For the longest time, I’ve had ‘run a half marathon’ on my bucket list. And if I was allowed extra entries on my bucket list I would add ‘run a whole marathon’ But I’ll be honest, I never really thought I’d do it. I just had it there as a story I would wheel out when someone talked about running I would chip in and say ‘oh I’d love to do a marathon one day’ and then I would go back to … Continue reading From couch to marathon…

50 kilograms… Gone!

Anyone who knows me will know that LOOOOONG plateaus are part of my journey… but today I broke the latest and can now say that I’ve dropped over 50 kilos since last November. I didn’t shed the entire 50 with TKS. Since I joined in February I’ve shed just over 21 kilos, but I can say without any doubt at all, that TKS has been responsible for keeping it off. There’s no way I would have maintained never mind gone on to lose even more, had I tried to carry on doing what I was doing. When I found TKS … Continue reading 50 kilograms… Gone!

Running on Ketones

Running. Ok I avoided exercise for a long long time when I started this. Way back in November 2019 I started shedding weight and tried to add running. I hated it and it hurt. So I stopped. But one of my 50 reasons has always been that I wanted to start running. Not to get fit or lose weight or burn calories but because I want to run! So, having lost 50kg since November, and with the knowledge that 6 months of keto had nourished and healed my body to a place it hadn’t been in a long time, on … Continue reading Running on Ketones

On Showing Off

I’ve had lots of questions so I thought it was time for some answers. Since November 2019 I’ve shed 6 stone 10lbs… thats 43kg or 95lb. I was wearing over sized layers – somewhere around a UK 22. And yesterday I wore a size 14 skirt. I have talked about it in my blog – here – but havent talked about this subject publicly on Facebook because somewhere along the way in my 45 years on this planet, I picked up the idea that the worst thing I could be was a show off. But today I posted this. I … Continue reading On Showing Off

The Skirt of Success

Here’s a couple of glamorous photos of me! The first… March 2020 before I started detox. I’d done 30 days at this point and shed a massive 12 kilos and I was very very proud of myself! I went charity shop hopping as i was visiting the UK and found this brand new Gap skirt. At the time I was still a good size 18 but I had my eyes on the prize so I paid £5 intending that a 14 would soon fit. Well, I got it home and saw that it was teeny tiny! Then I spotted that … Continue reading The Skirt of Success

Peaks, Troughs and Plateaus

Good morning all! I woke up this morning ‘feeling’ slimmer… stood on the the scales and they don’t agree…. but I don’t care cause I’ve got the two dents that always appear in my stomach which means I’m about to see a little drop and my clothes will fit better today. Lots of you have seen my posts over the months and watched me change. There are success stories just like me all over this group and I promise that they all tell a similar story. ➡️None of the success stories had a linear weight loss journey ➡️All of them … Continue reading Peaks, Troughs and Plateaus

Memories of the Palace

Frock Up Saturday… Ok it’s not Friday today but yesterday I was dossing around the garden in shorts. However, today a memory popped up so I thought I would do a little comparison and dig out the same dress I last wore 7 years ago. It’s a bit creased… but so would you be after 7 years in a cave! It’s only had one outing before and that was on May 30th 2013 at Buckingham Palace when I froze to death at the Queens Garden party! 👸 🏰 👑 (I know I don’t look cold but it was flippin’ freezing!) … Continue reading Memories of the Palace