False Lash Effect Without False Lashes?

As many of you know, I am a make up fanatic and for a long time I was always on the look out for a decent mascara. I tried falsies but I hated how they felt on my eyes and inevitably I wold end up pulling them off! I also wanted decent lashes every single day - not just on special occasions so I fell for all the hype of every single brand, but there was one which once I had tried it, there was no looking back.


La Roseraie- our new gite!

It’s the last weekend of 2017 and I think it’s probably time to make a little annoucementand extend #followfriday to our own interests for a change. Huge thanks to everyone who has supported us over the last few weeks - especially our family. You know who you are. And this is why. Most of you … Continue reading La Roseraie- our new gite!

Facebook Newsfeed – changes that could change everything.

I am a regular Facebooker user - some may say a ‘power user’ and I spend a lot of time preparing content, engaging with followers and monitoring what works and what doesn’t. We do this for our own businesses and for the accounts that we manage for other people and it’s vital that we keep on top of … Continue reading Facebook Newsfeed – changes that could change everything.

Is it at sort of pyramid scheme?… and other challenges

5 I have had this blog post in my head and in the draft corner of WordPress for a while and I finally decided to set some time aside this weekend to write it. It took coffee with a good friend this week to spur me on. She knows me and I love her and … Continue reading Is it at sort of pyramid scheme?… and other challenges

Staying Warm. Winter in Villefranche

​​ The weather has been pretty chilly here in our little corner of Europe recently. Not as cold as some places of course.  When I look at what some of my friends in the USA and Canada are dealing with I realise that I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to the weather, … Continue reading Staying Warm. Winter in Villefranche

Being Chosen: A family of cats arrive

​​SMLXL SLXLM​​ Over the last few weeks we have noticed a number of kittens invading the garden!  It all started with a skinny little cat who had been in the wars and then one day she bought the family to meet us.  5 kittens, all with different markings but unmistakably hers.  Mum sat and watched … Continue reading Being Chosen: A family of cats arrive