No one Cares

This made me laugh today. Thing is, over the last few weeks I’ve discovered that people really, really do care! Even the ones who don’t comment on my running updates, will comment on all sorts of other things. Different strokes for different folks. And the ones who don’t? Well they don’t matter… so I genuinely don’t care. We watched the Social Dilemma at the weekend. Nothing about it shocked or worried me. I know that I’m famously laid back, but none of it was news. I’ve carefully managed my social media use for years. I don’t count my likes or … Continue reading No one Cares

From couch to marathon…

This blog has the potential to become a marathon…. or at least a blog about my marathon training… For the longest time, I’ve had ‘run a half marathon’ on my bucket list. And if I was allowed extra entries on my bucket list I would add ‘run a whole marathon’ But I’ll be honest, I never really thought I’d do it. I just had it there as a story I would wheel out when someone talked about running I would chip in and say ‘oh I’d love to do a marathon one day’ and then I would go back to … Continue reading From couch to marathon…

Running on Ketones

Running. Ok I avoided exercise for a long long time when I started this. Way back in November 2019 I started shedding weight and tried to add running. I hated it and it hurt. So I stopped. But one of my 50 reasons has always been that I wanted to start running. Not to get fit or lose weight or burn calories but because I want to run! So, having lost 50kg since November, and with the knowledge that 6 months of keto had nourished and healed my body to a place it hadn’t been in a long time, on … Continue reading Running on Ketones

Memories of the Palace

Frock Up Saturday… Ok it’s not Friday today but yesterday I was dossing around the garden in shorts. However, today a memory popped up so I thought I would do a little comparison and dig out the same dress I last wore 7 years ago. It’s a bit creased… but so would you be after 7 years in a cave! It’s only had one outing before and that was on May 30th 2013 at Buckingham Palace when I froze to death at the Queens Garden party! 👸 🏰 👑 (I know I don’t look cold but it was flippin’ freezing!) … Continue reading Memories of the Palace

Villa Carmen

I love this! Almost all of the houses in our street have these plaques on their outside walls. They all have names. There’s even a La Roseraie! When we moved here, we weren’t aware of a name, but on one garden exploration I found this dirty and broken plaque under a hedge. Villa Carmen. I propped it up in the garden and didn’t imagine I would ever find the missing corner piece but yesterday… as I was digging out some weeds my spade hit something and it was the piece. Filthy dirty and a bit chipped, but it fit! So, … Continue reading Villa Carmen

Beetroot Mary Anyone?

Happy Easter all! It’s warm and Spring like here and I’m enjoying the sun on the balcony with my new favourite apero drink…. a Beetroot Mary! Beet kvass is on the probiotic list of my diet plan (150ml) and I make it every week. It’s easier than kombucha or kefir and as a bonus the boys get to eat the beetroot (beetroot itself is NOT on my list until maintenance, but for those who can eat it, it’s raw it’s crunchy and full of probiotics… or you can roast it like normal) I buy organic beetroot. Wash and dice, pop … Continue reading Beetroot Mary Anyone?

Sensational Seventies!

Happy Friday ladies! Since lockdown started, every Friday I put on a frock and do my face. This week … in one of my basement ‘shopping’ trips… I discovered this dress. First purchased 10 years ago for a 70s themed hen night and there I am on that hen night in the second photo! 10 years ago I hadn’t yet fallen pregnant with my son. When I found the dress I thought still needed to lose a lot of weight to be able to wear it again so I was surprised that it fitted so well. Looking at these photos … Continue reading Sensational Seventies!

Halloween and Toussaint

Halloween. William is fast asleep, it’s dark and silent, the shutters are closed and I’m home alone. But it’s France. The chances of someone knocking the door asking for sweets is very slim and the noises from this house that I once thought strange are now quite normal! Here, Halloween is still All Hallows’ Eve. There is a token end of aisle in the Supermarket selling orange and black tat, but not much else and most of the pumpkins in the market are being sold for soup. October 31st is recognised here, as the day before All Saints (or All … Continue reading Halloween and Toussaint

Autumn Falls. A burst of colour.

It feels late to say that Autumn has arrived – but it finally has.  Our Summer days seemed to go on forever, with a beautiful October, and even now the temperatures are warmer than I would expect for November – even here in SW France. The most striking thing about the change in the seasons here is the colour.  In Spring the trees erupt with bright pink blossom, then in the summer those trees are laden with fruit – everything from figs to cherries and walnuts too. Now though, on a daily basis you can see the trees in the … Continue reading Autumn Falls. A burst of colour.

Being Chosen: A family of cats arrive

​​SMLXL SLXLM​​ Over the last few weeks we have noticed a number of kittens invading the garden!  It all started with a skinny little cat who had been in the wars and then one day she bought the family to meet us.  5 kittens, all with different markings but unmistakably hers.  Mum sat and watched as the kittens played and explored the garden – occasionally popping into the veranda for a nose around and to nibble on one of the treats I had started leaving for them.  I hope they decide to stay, although they are quite feral and not … Continue reading Being Chosen: A family of cats arrive