Hi there!  Thanks for visiting my page.  My name is Emma Claire and I live in Villefranche de Rouergue in South West France with my husband Tony (pictured with me above) and my 8 year old son William (pictured with me below).  I am a work from home mum and food obsessed.  I am a stay at home mum, and GREEN Status presenter with Younique who is trying to learn French…  I also help Tony with some of his clients.

I’m an enthusiastic cook and into low carb, wholefood eating – although fried potatoes are my nemesis – and I enjoy the occasional run.  I quit drinking alcohol in November 2019 and haven’t looked back!  I have a healthy obsession with good bacteria and there are always a variety of experimental ferments in my larder.  Living in France makes it easy to eat well as our weekly markets are wonderful, offering an array of seasonal food and inspiring my weekly menus.

While I work for Tony, I have my own business as a Younique Presenter, and my main effort centres around sharing my love of the skin care and make up products with other people.  Some of those people choose to join Younique and get their products free plus an income which they can earn from home, but others simply want to remain as my customers.



Back in 2015, I was living in Woolwich in London.  Our estate was lovely, and I really enjoyed wandering through the town for the food markets, but I was frustrated that there lacked a decent cosmetics counter in any of the stores.  I was using Benefit ‘They’re Real’ mascara, Estee Lauders Double Wear foundation, and Dior blusher.  I had a make up bag full of Dior eyeshadow and a huge variety of eye pencils and lipsticks which I bought but could never get on with.  I had just resigned myself to buying replenishments online, when a Facebook post from one of my friends caught my eye. Sarah was raving about a new mascara she had purchased and I hadn’t seen her mention it before.   On closer inspection of the product I realised it was something I had seen on Facebook a few times, but hadn’t really felt inspired to find out more until I saw Sarah wearing it.

The results were impressive, and I guess I identified with her more than the other presenters I had seen advertising, so I contacted her and placed an order.  When the mascara arrived a few days later I was hooked.  Finally a product that actually did lengthen my lashes!  Which was waterproof AND came off in the shower without loads of work and which meant I could stop buying (and throwing away) false eye lashes for those big nights out.  I immediately sent her a photo and a few days later she asked me if I would consider hosting an online party for me and all my friends.

I’ll admit at this point I was hesitant.  I didn’t do that kind of thing.  I didn’t want my friends to feel harassed into shopping and I wasn’t about to put my reputation on the line and become one of those people who ‘sell on Facebook’.  But I was tempted.  Free products and half price items were on offer if my party hit the right threshold and so in the end, with a tired looking make up bag and the prospect of buying Estee Lauder online, I thought I would go for it.

My friends loved the party.  Of course I worked to get them involved but they were interested in the products and the party yielded a nice chunk of freebies for me.  At the end of the 10 days I was able to buy a huge collection and a lot of other bits and pieces for not a lot of money.  I threw out all my existing make up and became a fully signed up Younique addict.  As the party closed, Sarah posted a video where she talked about the Younique Opportunity.  I will admit I had seen how she did it and wondered if I could do it too.  I had earned so much for free, just by being a hostess, I figured that Sarah must be getting loads – plus commission – and I wanted to see if I could do the same.  Would it make me just enough so that I could get my mascara for free?

I’m a pretty impulsive person, so I decided to go for it.  I bought the kit and signed up with Sarah as my sponsor.  It was £69 and the contents of the kit looked amazing.  What had I got to lose?

While I waited for my kit, the doubts began to creep in.  I’d seen these online businesses before and I was a bit concerned.  I didn’t want to become one of those people who posted in all the selling groups trying to get sales.  I didn’t want to go door to door dropping off catalogues, and I didn’t want to lose all my Facebook friends. I didn’t want to be tied down to a monthly target, or have to buy a certain amount of product myself in order to hit those targets.  I didn’t want to have to get involved in delivering products or returning them or gathering money from customers.  I didn’t want to have to pay a monthly fee to maintain my website or stay active and I didn’t want to have to send back the starter kit if I decided not to do it.  Finally, I was already busy.  I didn’t want any extra work to take me away from my day job or our family life.  So I started reading.  I read the good and the bad and realised that Younique doesn’t have targets, or auto ship, or a monthly fee.  You pay the price for the starter kit, and that’s it.  If I did nothing with it, it was still an amazing deal.    But the biggest and most important thing I realised is that I could do this business ‘MY WAY’ and that my Social Media skills could be put to use not just for me, but in training my own team. I was going to go against the spammy-norm and promote the business in a way that was true to me -and i was going to teach my team to do the same – and that is what I did.

Before my kit had even arrived, I had made all of my money back and bit more.  I promoted through white, yellow and pink within 2 weeks and I earned my Fast Start bonus meaning I had even more free make up! My team grew, just by me talking to people.  No cold calling, no sending unsolicited messages and no need to spam those buy and sell groups with links to ‘Join My Team’!

And now, here I am.  Four years later at green Status, with a team of more than 50 and getting oh so close to Orange.  I give Younique as much or as little time as I have available.  I fill those gaps when Tony is away anddoesn’t impact our lives in any negative way.  I don’t feel like I have extra work to do – but I do appreciate the extra money and I love that I have a collection of make up and skin care that has so far cost me nothing.  My team spans Europe, the UK, US and even New Zealand and I have customers in many more countries.  I don’t need to rely on my friends for custom as I have made new ones, and most of my team were strangers or distant acquaintances to me 4 years ago but now they are good friends.

I have made new friends, gained confidence and learned so much about myself.  I never once imagined that I would be able to advise people on make up but I do and I never thought I could do Facebook videos but I do and I even go ‘Live’ without a second thought. In short, Younique has enriched my life in a way I never thought possible and I am so proud to see the others on my team achieve amazing things too.  My goal now is to enrich the lives of others around the world and help then to gain confidence and financial independence. I can help you achieve those things and so much more.

My unique understanding of social media and the fact that I keep my knowledge up to date means that I can offer members of my extended team a huge advantage when it comes to training and getting the best out of media such as Facebook.

Whether you would like to earn free make up or a little extra cash in your pocket, or whether you aspire to generate a full time income by just working from home then this opportunity can do all of that.  If you have ever thought about doing something like this then contact me for more information.

PS:  I know not everyone needs to spend days agonising over a decision.  I didn’t.  If you are ready to give this thing a go and join the Younique business with me then go to: https://www.youniqueproducts.com/EmmaSnead and click on ‘JOIN”.  The cost to join is just £69 and you get over £352 worth of products to try and samples to share with your friends. As soon as you do, I will be in touch to help get you started, introduce you to the rest of the team and add you to our private Facebook chat groups.

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