** London marathon update **

I got a virtual place!

Holy crap.

Does anyone remember back in October when buoyed up by watching the London Marathoners on TV, I decided to go out and run 10k swiftly followed by 16k (10miles) and then a few days later my first Half?

Well what you don’t know, is that I came home and for some crazy reason I decided to enter the ballot for 2021.

It may have appeared to be a brave move BUT I was fairly assured that I wouldn’t get a place, since I know so many proper runners who have applied Year in Year out and been consistently disappointed.

So I applied but I didn’t think I would end up actually getting a place.

That was back in October and today they announced the results!

First time applicant….

So it would have been a miracle if I got a place… and I didn’t!

BUT I did get a virtual place…. so on October 3rd… in 237 days (yes I counted) I will be running my first ever marathon… alongside 50,000 other people, just without the benefit of the crowd, the loud music and a load of other runners to encourage me.

I’ve said before that people think that pressing the application button is the big thing, but it’s not.

Anyone can enter a race, pay the fee and tell the world. Lordy I’ve sponsored plenty of people at that stage. 😆

But that bit is easy. It’s the exciting announcement and all your friends and family proudly telling everyone what you are doing.

The tough bit is getting up at 5am to go out in the rain and losing a weekend to a long run because that’s what the training programme says.

No-one will celebrate you at that stage and most people won’t even care. That’s probably when most people fall off. The excuses come and the reasons to stop are louder than the reasons why you started in the first place.

So. Celebrate with me today by all means but please also indulge me next month when I arrive home soaked through after a long run in the rain, or sometime in the summer when I have to go out at 4am to avoid the heat (assuming our curfew is lifted by then!)

Now… does this mean I get to make my keto chocolate tarte more often?

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