No one Cares

This made me laugh today.

Thing is, over the last few weeks I’ve discovered that people really, really do care! Even the ones who don’t comment on my running updates, will comment on all sorts of other things.

Different strokes for different folks.

And the ones who don’t? Well they don’t matter… so I genuinely don’t care.

We watched the Social Dilemma at the weekend. Nothing about it shocked or worried me.

I know that I’m famously laid back, but none of it was news.

I’ve carefully managed my social media use for years.

I don’t count my likes or comments. Whether it’s here, on Strava or my blog. I don’t really care about those metrics.

I don’t have any notifications on unless it’s work related and I’m working.

I don’t follow any news or gossip channels – even the ones that tell me my opinions are right.

If something big happens I don’t feel the need to be the first to find out.

I follow the pages that share good content and I always support my friends business pages. When they post, I comment.

I focus on a few subject matter groups at a time rather than allowing myself to be overwhelmed (right now it’s all about running and keto, but it may switch to something different at Christmas)

I unfriend and block without any hestitation and if there are people I ‘have to’ be friends with I just unfollow so I don’t even have to scroll past stuff I don’t want to see.

As a result, when I look at my timeline it’s just like being at a lovely social event with interesting and fun people that I have chosen to be around.

If I want news, I go looking for it. Just like if I want recipes or new clothes I go looking for them too. I don’t have them randomly appearing distracting me all the time.

It’s not just Facebook. I apply the same techniques to Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Strava, email, my FB messenger ans so on.

They are all designed to draw you in and sell something to you. But you don’t have to be a victim. You don’t have to leave them in order to reclaim your life. Just take care about what you consume and if you do one thing today, unfollow the things you don’t care about.

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