From couch to marathon…

This blog has the potential to become a marathon…. or at least a blog about my marathon training…

For the longest time, I’ve had ‘run a half marathon’ on my bucket list.

And if I was allowed extra entries on my bucket list I would add ‘run a whole marathon’

But I’ll be honest, I never really thought I’d do it. I just had it there as a story I would wheel out when someone talked about running I would chip in and say ‘oh I’d love to do a marathon one day’ and then I would go back to whatever I was doing.

And whatever I was doing was never running! 😆

Back in November when I decided to go in a health kick, I went for a few runs. I fired up the C25K app (I always used Zenlabs but there are loads of options now) and I did a handful of runs.

I was slow. Lumbering. But I was out there, doing it. And I knew that the whole point of the programme was to start from nothing ans each week challenge yourself a little more.

Now though, as I’ve shared before, I am well into my running and have been covering between 25 and 40km each week.

As I wrote this, I’ve recently done a 12k (on London Marathon Day… it was ‘my’ marathon) and I felt inspired (or stupid) enough to enter the London Marathon ballot.

Dear reader… you are the first person to know this. I haven’t told anyone else!

Now, I know the chance of getting a ballot place is slim, but I don’t feel like I need a place in a marathon to run a marathon.

Sure it will be more of an event if I am actually in London, but what’s to stop me training for, and running 26.2 miles wherever I am?

It’s some way off so I decided to give myself a half marathon as a short term target. I’ll be running that one next month!

Yes… I did just say that I’m planning to do a half marathon next month.

Watch this space. My training programme is ready. And I am ready. I’m doing 40km a week and each long run is getting longer.

I’ll be running to finish. Not running for speed, but my first half marathon will be in November. I’ve registered for an autumn medal from Virtual Runners UK, so I will have some proof of my effort and a deadline!

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