50 kilograms… Gone!

Anyone who knows me will know that LOOOOONG plateaus are part of my journey… but today I broke the latest and can now say that I’ve dropped over 50 kilos since last November.

I didn’t shed the entire 50 with TKS. Since I joined in February I’ve shed just over 21 kilos, but I can say without any doubt at all, that TKS has been responsible for keeping it off.

There’s no way I would have maintained never mind gone on to lose even more, had I tried to carry on doing what I was doing.

When I found TKS I was bored, anxious and looking for a solution. I’d shed 30kilos reasonably easily but now I’d stalled. I was worried about what would happen next.

I couldn’t imagine the extra work involved in shedding more and I just wanted some way of keeping off what I’d already lost.

Then Deborah appeared and the magic happened.

The following 8 months have seen me drop 21kilos but far more important than that I have gained health, confidence and the knowledge that I need to be absolutely certain I will never ever go back to where I was.

I have stopped hating myself thin. I’ve stopped trying to beat my body into submission. I’ve stopped looking for a tweak or an extra ‘thing’ to make the scales move faster.

I just accept that the scales sometimes move slowly. Sometimes they come to a grinding halt and sometimes they even go backwards but as long as I am following the plan, listening to my body and doing the mindset work EVERY SINGLE DAY then I know it’s working.

I also know it’s working because I have spent the time getting to know my body. The scales can’t measure everything. Not even the tape measure or your clothes can tell you when your knees are slimmer, your shoulders are more defined and your jaw line more prominent.

Today, I stood on the scales and they have finally moved for the first time since August (and before that it was June!)

Imagine if I’d given up in June when the scales were being stubborn? Tried another plan? Given myself a telling off and walked away? Where would I be now?

I know where I wouldn’t be. I wouldn’t be sat here, in size small leggings, waiting for a clothes delivery of sizes 10-12, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t be training for a half marathon. I wouldn’t be inspiring other people to do what I’ve done and I wouldn’t be the lightest and smallest I’ve been in 20 years

Trust the plan ladies. Even when the scales are telling you that it’s not working… I can assure you, if you are doing all the things…. and approaching it from mindset first, it works.

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