On Showing Off

I’ve had lots of questions so I thought it was time for some answers.

Since November 2019 I’ve shed 6 stone 10lbs… thats 43kg or 95lb.

I was wearing over sized layers – somewhere around a UK 22. And yesterday I wore a size 14 skirt.

I have talked about it in my blog – here – but havent talked about this subject publicly on Facebook because somewhere along the way in my 45 years on this planet, I picked up the idea that the worst thing I could be was a show off.

But today I posted this.

I thought that it was better to hide away and modestly deflect attention, than to stand up and be proud of myself.

But the thing is you can’t lose almost 7 stone without it being noticeable and people wanting to talk about it.

The questions I’ve been asked have come from friends who have noticed my changing body in photos or in person.

And I really do want to talk about it. Not the weight or the food but the mindset.

Not because I want public adoration or to be told well done or because I get any personal reward for it but because I know that my story may just be the inspiration someone else needs.

I have this amazing platform and an audience and I get the most pleasure in life from helping others.

And I’m not talking about losing weight. I’m talking about being happy whatever weight you are.

I didn’t shed the weight with self loathing or a punishing diet and exercise. I did it by choosing to love myself as I am right now. Every photo I took was from a place of love. Even those early ones where I’m wearing clothes that really don’t fit and show just how far I had to go.

And that self love may be a bit woo woo for some people.

But those people are not my people.

So I am going to start talking about body image and loving the skin you’re in and if some people think I’m showing off them perhaps that’s their issue rather than mine.

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