Peaks, Troughs and Plateaus

Good morning all!

I woke up this morning ‘feeling’ slimmer… stood on the the scales and they don’t agree…. but I don’t care cause I’ve got the two dents that always appear in my stomach which means I’m about to see a little drop and my clothes will fit better today.

Lots of you have seen my posts over the months and watched me change. There are success stories just like me all over this group and I promise that they all tell a similar story.

➡️None of the success stories had a linear weight loss journey

➡️All of them did the mindset

➡️All of them had plateaus just when they least expected it

➡️They all trusted the process regardless

➡️They all approached it positively. Focusing on what they could eat rather than what they couldn’t.

➡️Many of the success stories are people who shed weight 12 months ago but didn’t do the mindset so found it hard to maintain… those that came back again to do it properly (mindset mindset mindset) managed to shed the weight again and keep it off!

Here is my weight loss graph from late January (when I started with TKS)

As you can see it’s a wibbly-wobbly line of ups and downs and plateaus. Sometimes the line goes down fast.. sometimes it goes up faster.

None of these peaks or troughs can be attributed to anything other than ‘that’s just how it is’

I didn’t cheat, treat or tweak. I’ve had days where I’ve eaten loads and lost the next day and other days where I’ve eaten little and the scales have shown an increase.

But I don’t let the scales control me.

I’ve said before that I know my body really well. I recognise the dimples and the excess flesh. I know my ankle bones and the back of my thighs. So I notice when it changes. Even the smallest change which the scales don’t see… I do.

Get as familiar with your naked body as you are with the scales in your bathroom. If you spent as much time staring at your knees as you do that number you would feel so much better about your progress!

I’ll write about this skirt another day.. but yes I am a little slimmer today than I was last week.

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