Memories of the Palace

Frock Up Saturday…

Ok it’s not Friday today but yesterday I was dossing around the garden in shorts.

However, today a memory popped up so I thought I would do a little comparison and dig out the same dress I last wore 7 years ago.

It’s a bit creased… but so would you be after 7 years in a cave!

It’s only had one outing before and that was on May 30th 2013 at Buckingham Palace when I froze to death at the Queens Garden party! 👸 🏰 👑 (I know I don’t look cold but it was flippin’ freezing!)

I remember eating the queens sticky buns, saying hello to Floella Benjamin (seriously more star struck about meeting her than Liz) and wondering if I might pop the zip because of all the carbs! 😆

Today I’m wearing slightly less sophisticated head and footwear. I’m not quite as slim as I was back then but at least I’m not worried about bursting out in front of the guests in the ‘Royal Tea Tent’

Dress is now back in the wardrobe… maybe one day I will do something worthy of dressing up again? But for now Im back in those shorts (think Kenneth Du Beke rather than Daisy Dukes)

7 years between these photos. The biggest difference isn’t in my appearance… it’s in my confidence.

I hated having my photo taken all those years ago… my face shows how uncomfortable I am, i am almost apologising for existing!

I felt fat, self conscious and not quite good enough. I only published the photo because, well it was one of those occasions that needs recording… and I’m glad I did.

Fast forward to today… I’m a few kilos heavier than I was when I last wore this dress, with scary hair, no make up, wearing a pair of slippers and a bandana round my head.

The background isn’t quite as salubrious as the palace and I’m drinking a mug of Lidls herbal tea rather than a china cup of Her Maj’s finest loose leaf Assam.

But I just don’t care!

I take photos of myself all the time these days and I publish them all. The good, the bad and the ugly. I’m more confident in my skin as I approach 45 than I ever was in my mid 30s.

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