Deborah Murtaghs Ketogenic Switch – My 30 day Challenge experience.

In mid-January 2020 I has lost around 20kg (44lb, 3 stone) in just 3 months. It hadn’t been hard but I was approaching a danger time. I knew it would get harder…then Deboarh Murtagh appeared on my Facebook timeline and before I knew it, Id joined her 30 Day one dress size challenge.

I will do another post on the programme itself, but I wanted to record my 30 day experience for future members and for myself.

I’ve done diets before and never felt such a connection to either the progamme or myself so it felt right to share it.

Here’s my 30 day experience as told by the posts I shared in the 30 day Facebook group and the photos I shared along the way.

January 29th

I’ve joined because I’ve heard and seen good things of the programme from others and frankly any programme that uses clean keto principles, doesn’t go mad if you skip breakfast and never says ‘eat less, move more’ is good in my book.

I’m also really attracted by the mindset stuff. I’ve recently embraced meditation and I’m all about the high vibe positive stuff, and everything I see here is aligned to those principles… backed up with science which makes it even more sexy.

I’m not new to keto. I’ve been on a keto / IF plan in one way or another for 20 years. It is the only thing that keeps me healthy. On the odd occasions I have drifted towards low fat or calorie counting I have always ended up sick, my nails disintegrate and my skin is dry. I have endometriosis and am in perimenopause and all of them are under control when I am proper keto.

My recent weight gain was almost entirely down to moving to France and supplementing my healthy and abundant keto fats with too much French bread, unlimited cheese, and lots and lots of wine.

Each time I’ve tried to lose weight it’s been the booze that has got the better of me. I love crisps but would only eat them with a glass of wine… likewise chips and bread!

Anyway. After lots of good times on the booze, I made a rash decision last November to quit while I was ahead. I’m still sober now, and guess what? Yes, the weight shifted!

I start this plan on Sunday ( I’ve got a prearranged lunch on Saturday and it won’t be compliant but I can live with that)

I still have a long way to go but I am already 20 kilos lighter than I was last November and I’ve already got some good habits going.

Herbal tea, bone broth, fermented veggies, Celtic salt and low carb… I just need to reduce portions, drink less coffee and start weighing things. (I’ve never weighed broccoli in my life!)

Day 1 (lite)

I had already been invited to a burns lunch and I wasn’t going to be a bad guest. I refused all alcohol but ate what i was given. Salmon and prawn salad with leafy greens and a dressing was fine. The main course wasn’t fine (haggis and potatoes!) but I served myself and ate a small helping of each item. It was delicious and I did t feel guilty. I had a small piece of cheese and dessert was raspberries with cream,


Lots of water and herbal tea.

In , the past I would have thought ‘sod it’ and dived in, ready to start tomorrow, but today I felt like a normal person… a thin person… making wise choices.

Lots of herbal tea tonight. Maybe a mug of broth before bed and 100% on track tomorrow!

Good morning! Day 2!

Yesterday evening I had the most intense aching legs! And I instantly knew it was due to a lack of salt.

I eat a lot of salt. In fact I keep salt on my desk and take a pinch here and there through the day.

I’d fasted before lunch yesterday and had a lot of water with the meal and more when we got home. I’d flushed all the salt out!

Salt is so important! I had a mug of broth with a dash of ACV and a lot of pink salt. Then I took two magnesium tablets and went to bed.

It took about an hour but the ache subsided and I had a great nights sleep!

Don’t fear the salt, and don’t fear the fat.

I’m overcoming all the challenges with a massive dose of positivity and faith.

If I tell myself that it’s restrictive, that I don’t have time, and that weighing everything is a pain in the ass… it will be.

If I tell myself that it’s new and exciting and that it’s worth my time and effort….. it will be.

Following what brings you joy works far better than following a punishing regime. But sometimes you have to choose to find the joy.

And in all honesty, I’ve tried unrestricted food plans, which didn’t require any mindset work and which allowed me to ‘guess the size of a small tomato’ diets before.

Did they work? Well… I wouldn’t be here if they did would I?

Day 3 loading!

I’m promising myself a daily check in each morning and the same again each evening.

This morning I started the day with my one black coffee and a meditation session.

Last month I began a habit of body brushing before my shower. This body that I’ve abused and hated for so long, that I’ve avoided looking at and wanted to hide is now so familiar to me. It makes me smile. I appreciate every inch of it and I make a point of telling myself that while I’m doing it.

Self love isn’t narcissistic. It’s necessary.

I use quite a firm brush and it’s an extra 2 minutes before my shower. Then when I’m done, I spent another 2 minutes moisturizing every inch.

My skin glows and is so soft too!

I’ve planned today’s meals. Plodding on with the same sort of meals I’ve enjoyed for the last 2 days.

I fast from 7pm until lunchtime.

Broth while I prepare my meals. Fish salad at lunchtime and meat and veg with leafy greens for dinner.

I only snack in the afternoon and only if I’m really hungry.

Yesterday I had 50g olives and a few cherry tomatoes as a snack and today I may eat some full fat cream cheese with a little preserved lemon (salt preserved and home made).

I am really not a fruit lover so I opt for lemons or tomatoes as my fruit serve and I find that food fats (olives, cheese, nuts etc) are very satisfying for me.

Lots of water with ACV

Lots of tea

And this jar of salt on my desk next to me. I take a pinch if I feel hungry between meals.

As a pre-dinner (G&T substitute) drink I like to drink chilled herbal tea!

Have a great day everyone!

Day 4! Wowsa.

Wide awake at 2am! Got up, drank lots of tea, did some work and once my son was at school I went back to bed.

I was dying by that stage! 😆

I’ve just woken up and had a shower and now I feel epic. I know I will be ready for bed tonight but I feel good.

Today I have a food prep day because we have guests tomorrow for lunch.

Ignore the items in brackets cause I won’t be eating them but this is the menu!

I’m going to have a small portion of each course and stay on track…. recipes are existing favourites or adapted from those in the units here.

We are in France and lunches tend to be big!

Coconut, lime and coriander marinated chicken with rocket and chilli

Roast beef marinated in ras el hanout, cinnamon, mint and coriander
Aubergine salad
Griddled courgette, onion and sumac salad
(Roast potatoes with garlic)
Coconut chutney

Cheese and salad


Coming in on Day 5 to shout myself out.

Hosted a lovely lunch for friends today. Made plan friendly food and served extra carbs (potatoes, bread, apple pie and salted caramel sauce!) for the others.

Didn’t need to use willpower.
I genuinely didn’t want those other foods.
Didn’t overload my plate to keep me full.
And even didn’t have a ‘little taste’ just to see what it was like!
And no one noticed

I didn’t measure anything but I eyeballed my portions from memory. I basically had my snacks and meals spread out over one long lunch (they were here for 5 hours!)

I’m now drinking herbal tea, fasting until tomorrow and feeling satisfied.

Day 6!!!

I’ve done my daily weigh in and today… having been at a drop of 6.9kg yesterday…. I have regained 3kg.

Of course… I haven’t actually gained it…. it’s probably water that my body is holding onto for some very important reason and so that’s what number the scales are giving me today.

I don’t take the scales seriously. I weigh for my records and out of interest but I don’t let them rule my life.

My body is far more intelligent than the bathroom scales and it if it has decided to hold onto water for some reason then I’m cool with that.

If you insist on weighing daily you will have to take the rough with the smooth. Daily weighing is a personal research project into gravity and the relationship between you and the earth. It’s got bog all to do with how much fat you have, how well your liver is healing, or what your gut is doing.

Instead of stressing about it… I’m having a pint of water, an Epsom salts bath, popping a bit of pink dye on my hair (midlife crisis) and a face mask and doing a salt scrub. I’ll let my body deal with the inside, because I know I’m giving it what it needs to do it’s job… and I’ll let my brain worry about what it can control…. and do some stuff that feels good on the outside

Day 7!

Today Jo, two of our friends and I are taking the plan on the road!

Huge salad for lunch (I scraped the tapenade off the toast, and didn’t eat the sweet corn)

Lots of water and a coffee with cream to finish.

Totally life proof.

Day 8

On Friday I went away for the night with 3 girlfriends. One of them inspired me to join this challenge in the first place and the other two are curious but not yet signed up.

We didn’t plan where we would eat, but we managed to easily stay on plan for two lunches and dinner while we were away.

We couldn’t measure but as long as the protein was around 100g, and the fat was around 1-2 portions and the plate contained leafy stuff and a portion of veg then we were good! I probably ate a little too much fat and protein but that’s all.

I ate huge salads, fish, steak and cheese. I enjoyed my usual cafe creme and consumed a lot of water. (Photos are of my 3 course dinner… I didn’t eat it all)

I’ve been low carb for years but I’ve never really been strict with myself. Always getting into mild ketosis but breaking it with wine or the occasional chip.

My long term keto experience meant that I hadn’t expected a dose of keto flu. I take my magnesium , I drink my water, have broth and I eat salt. I even took my pink salt with me.

But on Friday evening I started to develop a headache, and felt seasick. I was so tired.

I blamed the car journey. The constant chatter, and the fact that I was sat in the front and turning round to chat to the others.

But I couldn’t shake it.

When I arrived home I found my keto sticks and my breath monitor had arrived so I gave them a try, and yes I am deep deep in ketosis. Despite the food not being 100% measured, and the fact that there may have been extra ingredients in the dressings, the sticks went dark dark purple and the monitor registered 6!

I was in bed very early, and now, Sunday morning I’ve woken with what feels like a hangover! 😆

I’ve never had keto flu, but I’ve never been so strict with myself and I’ve also never had that euphoria that people talk about either.

So it’s self care Sunday. I’m celebrating the success of the weekend (no one would have know that Jo or I were dieting) and being in ketosis, and knowing that this plan is transportable and life proof and can easily cope with a wild girls weekend.

We drank fizzy water with our meals and I’m certain I was drunk on the bubbles. 😆. Anyone observing us would have thought that we were all plastered.

My next challenge is an unscheduled trip back to the UK for a funeral. I don’t have the dates yet so it’s hard to plan, and I will be staying with family so there won’t be any real control over the food and I won’t be causing them more work given the circumstances.

I will do what I can.

Ps: we were on the roadtrip to deliver handmade ‘Joey pouches’ to the Australian Zoo in Carcassonne. I know that lots of you here are from Australia. Just know that all the way over in France we are thinking of you. It not much, and probably a tiny drop in the ocean but we all felt we had to do something.

Day 9

Today we have a big roast chicken and I’m portioning out all the veg I bought yesterday.

Each bag is 100g of raw cabbage or cauliflower. There’s 200g in the steamer for the family lunch.

I measure once and it’s done!

The massive bundle of fresh herbs will be blitzed in the food processor, I then add oil or butter and freeze in chocolate moulds. Each mould is about half a fat portion and they melt easily over meat or vegetables

I will also make a herby paste with some garlic and ginger so that there’s a fat free option too.

And the chicken and the veg cuttings are going in the slow cooker (with half a pigs trotter!) to make stock!

One hour of prep gives me relaxed mealtimes all week!

Good morning day 10!

Not much to report today.

I watched Debs live yesterday and have decided to stop weighing for a while. It’s just a waste of my time and as she said… all the work is happening on the inside.

I’ve found my tape measure though so I’ll measure today.

I’m wearing smaller clothes so I know it’s working!

Not weighing, still in deep ketosis but the keto flu has flown.

Sleeping well, skin feels good, tummy is flatter, size 18s are being banished to the charity shop/rag pile, and I’m digging out the 16s while eyeing up the 14s.

Anyone who is still standing on the scales… before you post about your crushing disappointment at your loss or lack of… please watch the video. Search the word ‘video’.

Day 11

I’m up early today and revisiting my mindset work.

Anyone else managing to tick some things off already?? If not a full tick then maybe a half tick?

I’ve done a thousand ‘diets’ before. I’m sure we are all the same. I’ve done them with group support and without. I’ve bought books, paid for apps and plans but none have given me the feeling that I have right now.

And I know that it’s about more than the food.

It’s about more than ‘creating healthy habits’ which is what most commercial diets say when they talk about mindset.

The food helps though. The food is letting our bodies heal, and once ketosis hits it’s letting our heads stop thinking about our next meal constantly. The limited food list is great because it’s tried and tested but also because it’s small so there’s less room for tweaking.

So while our bodies beaver away dealing with the damage, we can work on our minds.

Not weighing or becoming obsessed with how many kilos we shed. But working on our reasons why… and how those goals will make us feel when we get there.

Working on our relationship with the universe. Our energy. What are we putting out? Because that’s what we get back.

We are what we repeatedly say, what we repeatedly do and what we repeatedly think.

But most of all we are what we feel and we attract the exact same energy.

If you feel like this diet is too hard, too complicated, too restrictive and just won’t work… then guess what? You’re going to be right.

If you are a slave to the scales and willing the number to go down then you are putting out the energy of resistance and you are blocking the very thing you want.

If however you feel like this is easy, that it’s simple to follow, that it will work and that you love the freedom of not thinking about food and just getting on with your day while your body heals and uses the tools you are giving it…. then you are right.

I’ve never understood ‘faith’ more than I do right now.

And if you don’t believe it, or don’t want to believe it, then I’m going to suggest you just allow yourself to try for the next 20 days.

Put the scales away. Follow the diet. Do all the things. Revisit the mindset work. How many of those 50 reasons are you excited about? How would you feel right now if they had all happened? Imagine that they have. Allow yourself to feel that feeling without resistance or caveats.

Behave as if you already have it. You are already the slim and healthy version of you. What would you do? Wear? Say? Eat?

Be that person for the next 20 days and see what happens.

Day 12

I read almost every single post on this group and I’m always surprised by the ones where people worry about ‘high fat’ or a lack of fibre. Or where they suggest that the diet isn’t healthy and is causing problems.

Get the word keto out of your head.

Look at the food.

It’s healthy veggies and leafy greens, full of antioxidants, vitamins and fibre.

Healthy, low fat protein

And a small amount of fat… with an emphasis on rebalancing your omega 6:3 ratio.

It’s sugar free and has no refined carbohydrates.

It rejects packaged food, chemicals and additives.

It encourages you to eat just like our great grandparents did.

It suggests IF and we all know that fasting is proven to be healthy.

Loads of water, hardly any caffeine or alcohol, no crappy empty calorie drinks and as much herbal tea as you like.

You can adjust the dairy/fruit content to your own taste.

And no one is selling you meal replacement bars or vitamin supplements.

If you put the food into the Weightwatchers app then it comes up within the middle of the points range depending on how much fat you choose to eat and which plan you are on.

There’s not a diet plan or a doctor in the world that would look at the food plan and suggest it was lacking in something or too high in fat or too low in fibre.

The problem isn’t the diet. It’s what you did before the diet. It’s what you bought into the diet. All your existing issues. Some of which you didn’t even know that you had and most of all it’s what you are telling yourself about your ability to do the diet.

I lost several kilos in week 1 and the number has gone back up again this week. Not bothered.

Because I trust the plan. Not the scales.

And I have fibromyalgia and endometriosis and no gallbladder. So I arrived with my own issues too.

Went to bed last night and re read some of the units. I read them all before I started, but I find as the time goes on I need to be reminded of things.

Thoughts and reflections on day 13….

another bath, another face mask and another deep and meaningful conversation with the universe.

I revisited my 50 reasons today.

I’ve reread it a few times over the last 2 weeks, but today I realised that Deborah advises we look at it twice a day! Twice! Who has been doing that?

I pride myself on doing what I’m told (in this arena at least!) but that’s one instruction I’ve not followed….

It was hard to think of 50 at the time but I managed it. And from now on I will look at it every day.

I’m already managing to tick some off and I’ve only been doing this for 2 weeks.

It’s inspirational and exciting but it’s not the only thing. The other thing is the 20 reasons to stay the same.

That’s hard too.

But when I reread it I can hear the voice of fear. The inner critic saying ‘don’t be too much’ ‘don’t show off’ ‘don’t be too big for your boots’

It’s all my limiting beliefs and my fear that I’m not good enough.

I bet if you go back and read yours it will be the same.

Often the reasons from the second list are a direct opposite of a reason from the first list.

For example in my reasons why I wrote that I want to “surprise everyone with my weight loss”

Yet in my reasons to stay the same, I say that “I don’t want to draw attention to myself”


I also say that “I want to be an example to others and to help other people who feel lost with dieting and health”

And in the second list I write that “I don’t want the pressure of staying slim or of being an example”

It’s like two parts of my personality.

And now I get the image of Deb holding the angel and the devil. It’s NOT a graphic about ignoring the wine witch or the carb Devil. It’s not demonstrating the choice of being good or bad.

It’s about recognising where the inner voice comes from.

Is it the one that knows who she is and wants to be loud and proud and slim or is it the other that just wants to hide from the world and stay in my little ‘fat girl’ bubble?

I was told I was fat when I was a teenager. By friends and family and the school bully who used to read my bra label through my shirt and read out the size to the class (yes I started cutting them out after that)

My nickname from my best friends was tree trunks.

The bully called me the tank.

And I was not fat!

Even at my slimmest and a happy size 12 UK I was still the fat girl. And having stayed that size or thereabouts in my 20s and most of my 30s, when I started gaining weight later, I decided that it’s not worth trying to get slim because it’s all so easy to get fat again.

I was in that box and once I’d realised that getting out was hard work, I decided to stay there. If I was already fat then there’s no issue with getting fatter. No one would take any notice, because it’s what I’ve always been so I may as well stay the same.

And now, I’m planning a visit back to the UK to see people who last saw me at my biggest. Last summer.

And while part of me is excited and happy about all the changes I’ve made, the seatbelt on the aeroplane fitting, all the slim clothes I’m wearing and all the complements I’m bound to get…

There’s a massive part of me that’s dreading those complements…. and the questions about how I did it…..and another part of me that’s worried there won’t be any! 😆

This stuff that’s in our head is the heaviest. The diet is easy. Get into ketosis and stop thinking about food and the scales. Let the body heal on its own.

Whatever that number on the scale, it’s the mindset stuff is the real weight we are all carrying.

We have to tell the inner critic…. the 20 reasons why not… the voice of fear to “shut her flamin’ cake hole” and let the inner guide shout those 50 reasons at us and remind us every day that we are limitless.

And we need to listen.

Day 14!

I have absolutely nothing profound or especially inspiring to say today… other than “oh my god… Debs live last night was freaking amazing..”

My advice today to anyone who is posting about ketosis/cheating/faux-foods/cravings or anything else…. “WATCH THE VIDEO!”

It’s all there. I promise.

In other news…. these trousers were dragged up from the cave after I’d been on this diet for 6 days and they were too tight to wear.

I kept them in the wardrobe though.. thinking, “they will do in the spring”

The last time I wore them they cut into me when I was standing up… today I grabbed them without realising which trousers they were and I wore them to go out for lunch.

Two courses, sitting down and still no discomfort.. in fact they were ridiculously loose.. !

I weighed today…

When I started this I was 98kg

After about 6 days I was about 92kg!

For the last 8 days I’ve been between 96 and 98kg

And today I’m 94kg.

I’m 2kg HEAVIER than I was 8 days ago when the I tried on these trousers and they didn’t fit me.

The scales do not measure progress. ❎

The smile on my face does though! 😃

Happy Valentine’s Day my friends!

Day 15!

A bit of winter sunshine here, I’m on the balcony with a pint of water, ACV and my cinnamon stick. ☀️

I weighed and they went down a little bit – not the lowest yet, but the wibbly-wobbly line continues and I couldn’t care less!

Today I am planning to rest. I do everything in my life at 100 miles an hour. We all have 24 hours in the day and we all fill them. Somehow. No one ever says that they aren’t busy. There are no voids, no vacuums. Having time to do something is really a case of finding time. ⏰

I say this as someone who ALWAYS used to complain about being busy. It was my ‘thing’

I used to wear it as a badge of honour and people always said ‘you are such a busy person!’

No more though. I am still busy and I still fill my 24 hours, but I’m no longer a victim to it. It’s a choice I make and because I made that choice, I find that I get more done. I haven’t stopped doing anything, I’ve just changed my attitude towards it all.

Anyway. Today I am going to be busy, resting. 😴

And pinning dream outfits on my Pinterest board. One of my 50reasons was that I could wear floaty maxi dresses this summer and when I dug out my summer clothes the other day (for inspiration) I’ve realised that they are not all aspirational clothes.

Some of them are my fat girl cover-all uniform.

I will wear (smaller) maxi dresses this summer but I will also wear short-shorts, a bikini and little vest tops and shirts tucked into Capri trousers. 👙

Anyway. I’m currently wearing the next size down trousers… and now my Pinterest board is full of pictures of Jennifer Anniston in skinny jeans! 😆

Dare to dream ladies! 💭

Sunday….. and day 16!

Do you know I’m actually feeling a bit lost. But in a good way.

It’s like I’ve struck a massive thing from my mental to-do list…. I’ve owned up to my own BS and now I’m having to recalibrate my entire life!

I’ve had ‘lose weight’ on my to-do list for so long. My paper one and the big weighty list in my head.

Every Monday…. every post holiday, every new month, new year, new season. Even when I’ve found a diet it’s still been my focus of attention. I hate my body… I must lose weight…. why can’t I do this… why am I such a failure?

But it was such a massive thing ….I was terrified of it and I would lose a bit then regain it.

I was about 8 stone/112 pounds/50kg overweight.

I would look for solutions, tricks to make it happen faster, special extras that I could add to whatever diet I was doing. All the time.

It’s consumed so much of my life!

I quit drinking last year and the weight started to fall off but I still had major anxiety about it. Once that initial whoosh of weight had fallen, I was terrified of putting it back on. And I still had more to lose and I still hated my body! I was resigned to staying the same weight. It is just who I am I would say.

Each month I fill in my planner and I focus on the things I need to pay attention to.

My weight
My finances
My career

Interestingly, I never include my relationship in that list because it’s solid, and it works, we are happy and it’s one thing I never need to worry about. I don’t take it for granted but I don’t worry about it. I have faith in it. I had a bullshit story years ago but I called it out for what it was and created a brand new story which I believe and I’m proud of.

I hadn’t realised that I’d done this though…. not until I started this programme.

But everything else? I need to do better, work harder, focus focus focus….

And despite it being ever present in my head, it never ever got better.

Until now.

In January I started working with a manifestation coach and followed her weight control hypnosis. This coach was trained by Marisa Peer… then after a few days, I clicked on Deb’s advert that I’d been ignoring for months and I joined that too.

Well thank you universe. The first video that appeared when I started looking was the one with Deb and Marisa Peer.

I don’t believe in coincidences.

Every time I think about this plan, my menu, and my body I get goosebumps… I no longer feel remotely deprived or sad about dieting.

I have zero anxiety about regaining the weight and when I look at my naked body in the mirror I do a happy dance and fist bump the air because I love my body as it is right now.

Ive told the universe that I’m happy with it, I’ve started looking at clothes I want to wear, I’ve visualized the new me, and I’ve got a Pinterest board full of pictures of Jennifer Anniston looking fab at 50 and I know I can too.

I’ve done what I’ve been told and apart from checking in now and then, and being involved in the group and helping others on the plan, I’ve let it drop from my head.

I’m not worried about falling off or failing. I have utter faith in what I’m doing, I love what I’m doing and it’s already working. I have dropped a dress size in two weeks and I know that I will drop more as time goes on. I’ve started searching for new clothes 2 sizes down. Anxiety…. gone.

I had a BS story about why I couldn’t lose weight and why I needed to stay big and why I would never be slim and why I hated my body, but this programme has exposed it and called it out. I’ve dealt with it and I’ve created a new story about myself and I believe it …. I really do.

And so now I can put ‘health’ into the same category as ‘relationship’. I know what to do to make it work, it makes me happy and I have absolute, unwavering faith in it. Not in the way that I’ve had before where I’ve had to tell myself ‘stick to the diet and it works’ this is different.

So now, there’s this massive gap in my consciousness. Which is a good thing! I’m not complaining… I’m just trying to rewire and apply these techniques to my bank balance!

Girls. It’s all about mindset. The food plan is secondary and it’s easy to follow when you do the mindset work.

Here’s my song for today! Turn it up!

I ain’t settlin’ for anything less than everything!

Day 17!

Off shopping today for delicious food and herbal tea!

Every day I think… I must post in the 30 day challenge.. and I always wonder what I will write the next day…. but I always find something to write about.

I told myself at the start, I would check in every day.

Build others up, answer questions that I could and generally be a force for relentless positivity and good vibes. (Irritating isn’t it? Sorry)

And I wanted to use it as a journal too. I journal a lot. But I wanted to share some of my aha! Moments and hopefully help others. Because trust me, your posts help me.

Every day.

And not just the good ones. The negative ones, people asking for help and those who are having a little rant… they help me too. I use them as an opportunity to reflect on my own thoughts, and answering questions helps me learn more too.

Whenever someone has a little rant… complaining about the food, the headache, the weight loss/gain or plateau, I always take a look are their previous posts.

Because I think it really helps to show me their journey and I get a better idea of who they are in this group and any major issues they have had, before I launch into what might be an unhelpful or hurtful response.

One of the trends I noticed early on in the challenge was a huge number of negative posts from people who insisted that this diet just wouldn’t work for them.

Now, when those people post to say that the diet isn’t working for them, I know that it’s impossible to help them… because their mind was made up at the start and I can offer all sorts of advice but what they need to do is the mindset stuff and they won’t. They won’t watch the videos either and they are absolutely key to understanding why some days we feel like crap.

Now when I see a post that says plateau I share the bit in the book that says ‘expect plateaus!’ And when they moan about aches and pains and other candida die off symptoms I point them towards an entire essay and video on the subject.

Recently there has been a few negative posts. I went back and sure enough, there was a pattern of earlier posts.

Day 1 – about how they didn’t think it would work.

Day 4 they hadn’t bothered with broth and salt… also this diet isn’t working fast enough. 4 days in and why no loss.

Day 5 – I feel great but how is everyone losing weight already why not me?

Day 6 a post about how many inches and kilos had gone!

Day 8 how great the food was, not feeling hungry it’s all awesome!

Day 11 and post complaining about classic candida die off symptoms.

Day 13 yay! I’ve dropped a dress size

Day 17 it’s not working and I hate it.

I think that it’s a reflection of what got us where we are. This desire for instant immediate gratification. I want to see immediate results, immediate pleasure. Like we used to get from a chocolate bar or a bag of crisps and like we get when the scales register a loss or our trousers fall down.

Not getting that instant hit when we want it, is seen as pain. Even though we had an amazing result 2 days before!

And this is what Deborah meant when she said that we self sabotage because we want to avoid pain.

The pain and stories we carry are part of the story but this relates to immediate gratification.

Dieting and weight loss is associated with pain because we don’t always get the instant hit of happy hormones at the exact second we want them. We stand on the scales, expecting them to say nice things and we don’t get the nice thing so we associate the diet with that pain and disappointment.

Even if it’s not registering consciously, your 95% is clocking it and storing it for later. Next time you think about a diet… you will remember it … and here we are.

In your head, dieting is painful. I will sabotage myself because I want to avoid pain. Ooo.. look.. a chocolate bar, that will give me an instant hit… what? I can’t have it? That makes me feel pain. This diet is painful… etc

Remember that we have a choice. We can’t always change what happens to us but we can change our reactions to it.

NOTE: I developed further on this theory when I did more mindset exercises with the main programme. The 6 human needs covers this in more detail.

Day 18… me and the mirror.

Today I realised something. I woke up, had a pee, walked onto the landing where my full length mirror is, took off my robe and looked at my amazing naked body!

I realised that I actually look forward to seeing that reflection.

I’ve always avoided a full length mirror… especially naked! But no more!

Ive been doing this every day since the challenge started.

Then I go for my shower and I dry brush while saying lovely things to my body – even the bits that I want to change. Cause I love them now, as they are.

I hold my tummy and put my hands on my waist and lift up my boobs and I smile and feel so excited because I can sense change coming. Every atom is vibrating at such a high frequency I have butterflies and goosebumps and all sorts of sensations.

Every day I take photos.

Some of me wearing clothes. Some naked. None of them intended for public viewing but I thought I would change that today. (Don’t worry.. no nudes!)

Please ignore the headwear (I’m deep conditioning!) and the keto rash on my tummy…. and the fact that I’m braless (sorry not sorry)

These too small, still with the label in, Capri trousers are bought to you by the Next sale circa 2012

Thé label says size 16, and at the time I bought them I was happily wearing a size 14 with the odd 12 and even a vanity 10 for luck. But Next havé always come up very small on me so I ordered an size bigger.

I never got to wear them. Even on my 14 frame they didn’t fit nicely. Since then I’ve tried them a billion times and they wouldn’t even go past my thighs!

Today I got them over my bum and despite the unflattering photo… I am over the moon and have been happy dancing around the landing!

So, behold my long term trousers of truth.

They are my favourite style and perfect for spring when I intend to be wearing them again. (NOTE there’s an update to this story later!)

Be happy with where you are right now. Not when you get to the size you want to be! Deb said it so well in last weeks live…. we need to love ourselves now otherwise we are never ever going to be happy.

Ps: get that full length mirror out from wherever you have hidden it….. go on… I know you are hiding and I know you haven’t done the self love mantra from the mindset book… do it today and embrace the awkwardness.

**I’ve just realised that I keep calling Deborah ‘Deb’ like I’m her best friend…and I have no idea if she hates it or not. 😆 she’s probably sitting there reading this thinking ‘that mad blonde is calling me Deb again… who does she think she is?’ **

Sorry. 😊

Day 19!

This morning I fought the desire to measure… I will do it tomorrow though and probably stand on the scales too. Then I will come in here and happy dance for you all! 😉

I’ve just read Debs messenger post about the emotional attachment we have to certain weights and how we can be subconsciously holding ourselves back.

I’m fast approaching the weight I was as my life was changing beyond all recognition.

One minute I was a police officer. A sensible mum of one, married to another police officer and living an unremarkable but comfortable life. It was all very boringly mapped out for me, a steady income, a reliable husband, a healthy child ….but I wasn’t happy.

Over the course of 12 months I realised I how unhappy I was. I lost a lot of weight which resulted in a huge surge of confidence for me and a fancy new working wardrobe but also resulted in a lot of male attention….

The male attention was flattering and made me realise how miserable I was at home… but I also found it desperately uncomfortable and most of the time I wanted to hide. I thought that it was my fault for encouraging them.

It was at this point that I began to gain weight and didn’t stop. I think that I was trying to repel everyone.

I eventually had to grow up and make a proper decision for everyone’s sake. So I left. 2 years later and 20 kilos heavier.

I eventually met my now husband and he doesn’t care how heavy I am. At all. But I do.

The clothes that were packed up from my old home were now far too small and I was broke so I replaced them with cheap and stretchy clothes.

But it’s always felt so ridiculous that I have an expensive and rather lovely wardrobe hidden in the basement while I’m wearing clothes with holes in them.

What does it mean for me to get to the next goal? I think it means that all those clothes are mine again! I don’t work in an office anymore, but those dresses will be lovely in the summer or as tunics over leggings.

But I think I remember attracting more attention than I wanted to and that scares me. And I also remember feeling sad and trapped and like I was an huge failure for wanting to give up what looked (from the outside) like a pretty perfect life.

I’m a different person to the Emma of 2012… the one in the picture.

She was so sad but so much has changed. All for the best, and I now have a great relationship with my sons dad. I couldn’t be happier or more confident that I’m with the right man now and no matter what male attention I get it wouldn’t change a single thing.

So that’s what I need to get over. Onwards past my old ‘loaded’ sad weight because it’s not the weight or the clothes that were sad.

It was my situation, and the daily fear that I was stuck and wouldn’t have the guts to get out.

But I did! So I should look at it more positively as a time when I changed everything for the better.

Phew. That was a big share. 🥰

Day 20!

I’ve released 6kg!

Actually the scales went even lower than that at one stage this week but today I’m 6kg down from when I started and I’ll take that thanks very much.

I’ve also shrunk by 34.5cm in 10 days (I only started on the 10th cause I couldn’t find the tape measure!). Most from my waist and hips although my boobs are reducing too.

TOP TIP…. measure in CMs… cause they move faster! 😀

Today I have decided to treat the last 10 days of this challenge as though it’s all new and exciting. 🌟

I’m gonna read and review my 50 reasons. 💕
Do the meditation. 🙏
Visualize my ever shrinking body 💭
Chuck out anything that’s too big! 🗑
And plan some new meals 🍽

Happy dance! 💃

Day 22 and all the 2s!

I was a bit AWOL yesterday (thank you to those who messaged to find out if I was ok! … I’m touched!)

My body reacted to something… and I spent most of the afternoon on the loo. Skipped dinner and had an early night. I didn’t feel that ‘sick’ just a bit tired and dizzy. I ate a lot of salt, but water just went in one end and out of the other! Sorry if TMI. 💩

It was either the eggs (I can’t remember the last time I ate one and I felt a bit queasy when I did) or the flaxseed oil (which I’ve since read is a powerful natural laxative!) 🤣

I will have a day without either and see what happens! 😆

During my bathroom day, I managed to watch Debs live, and as usual I came away feeling inspired and enthusiastic about what’s next!

I love the fact that so many people are posting their amazing results! And I love it that so many people are talking about what’s next. Yes there will be a cost…. but Investing in our health, our future and ourselves… it’s so important.

I know that I’ve saved money since I started this programme. My vegetable drawer contents seem to last for weeks rather than days. I top up the leafy greens mid week but that’s all.

My diet was always pretty low carb and unprocessed but I was definitely eating too much and too often. On other diets I would eat ‘because it was allowed’ which in my head would mean I could grab ‘free’ food any time of day.

Whereas before, I would buy a cauliflower and then eat 300g of it in a day because it’s ‘healthy’… even though I wasn’t that hungry. The same with chicken. I probably ate double the protein – maybe more – than I am today. 🍗

Today there is still cauliflower in the fridge, in 100g portions, from a shop I did over 2 weeks ago (it seems to be staying fresh!)

The same with meat. And I no longer snack on yogurts or chicken pieces all day ‘because they are freely allowed and healthy’

I’m not buying alcohol, or tomato juice or alcohol free beers either.

The cost of the 30 days has already been recouped. Not just in the food bills but also in my ability to start wearing my existing wardrobe and stop looking to buy something new.

I’m sure that the cost of the ongoing programme will be the same after a few months. It feels like a really simple investment.

Tonight I’m at a house party and staying overnight. I’m taking fizzy water, herbal tea, raw veg with dips and olives. I’ve given my hostess my fail safe best ever chilli recipe (which also happens to be plan friendly!) and that’s all I’m eating…. the olives will make up my fat portion and I will eat enough veg and salad to make up my meal.

Next week I’m spending Friday traveling. My plan is to fast. If I can’t find anything suitable then I will just wait for the next meal.

As Deb said ‘If it doubt, fast it out’

No one ever died from skipping a meal.

This morning, I’m in the bath…. marveling at how much smaller my thighs look these days and listening to hubby preparing for his radio show. (His studio is next to the bathroom! 🤩)

Day 23! How has it gone so fast?

Yesterday, fully recovered from my ‘egg evacuation’ we drove out into the French countryside… to a house party in the middle of nowhere!

It wasn’t a dressy do, and it’s still cold, so I layered up but this chiffon dress has never ever fitted. I almost threw it out a few weeks ago as ever time I tried it on it was bursting at the seams … and being chiffon there really wasn’t much ‘give’ in it.

Based on this plan I decided to give it one last try in my wardrobe and yay!

The DMs were a gift to myself 2 years ago. I had visions of myself looking ‘biker chic’ and edgy wearing leggings and tunics and maybe even tights and a dress but instead I had more of a look of Jo Brand in the 80s.

This weekend though I think I carried it off.

Plenty more work to be done but last night I loved my look, I made good choices with the food, drank a lot of fizzy water and then progressed onto tea.

Previous parties at this house have resulted in major hangovers and a lot of crisps consumed!

Day 24! As usual, just when I was wondering what I would write today… something popped into my head.

Inspired by this photo… me aged 20, living away from home for the first time.

I was sent this at the weekend by one of the girls pictured. They were my housemates and friends and we are still friends. When I saw the photo I had some very fun memories pop up and I shared it as a happy memory.

But every time someone commented, I went back to look at the photo and I started to think about that time, and how I looked, felt and treated myself.

I thought I was fat. I was in fact the fat friend and I felt insanely inferior to those girls next to me. Both were from wealthy families. Both had spare cash, amazing clothes and the ability to pay for big nights out. Both were beautiful and had men falling at their feet.

To me they had a beauty, and elegance and sophistication and a slimness that I could never ever match. I have talked about these two girls for 25 years and I would talk about these stunning women, who were effortlessly beautiful, who were sexy and classy and everything that I wasn’t and could never be.

I couldn’t understand why they wanted to be my friend. I loved them but I always felt inadequate. Like I was not enough.

They never once did anything to make me feel that way. Not once.

Everything that I felt and told myself, that all came from me.

For reference… I was a size 12 UK. They were probably 8-10. But I had boobs and they were deeply unfashionable in the 90s

I wondered if that was the start of my issues, but I know that I felt the same way about other women before I went to uni. They were all amazing… and I just wasn’t and anytime I lost weight or went through a phase where I felt ‘good’ about how I looked, was only ever a phase. Like I was faking it.

In recent years I have changed that view. I have a confidence now and I’m not the same girl I was then. I don’t have an inferiority complex around others and I’m far more self assured but I still labeled myself as the fat girl and there was no point trying to be anything else.

I am certain that if I dig deeper I will find the moment. The point in my life where I went from carefree kid to one who felt totally inadequate but I will face that when it comes.

I’m certain that this programme will uncover it for me. In 25 days I’ve unearthed all sorts of things that I’ve never ever realised before.

For now though, I’m looking forward, not back.

I don’t ever regret my life decisions but I hated uni and I held on because I didn’t want to be seen as a failure. There are definitely some issues there which have shaped a lot of my life to date.

If could give this 20 year old any advice it would be to understand that you are enough and you are not fat. I would tell her to stop being a vegetarian though, quit uni and face the accusations of being a failure with a smile then start writing the book (I’ve been thinking about writing the book since I was a teenager)

Day 25!

I just navigated a massive danger point.

Another one that’s happened over and over but that I’d never even recognised before.. so I’ve come here to share and maybe help you see it if it happens to you too!

I not only recognised it, but I held it up to the light and I shouted “Oi! Robert (for that is the name of my inner critic) f&$@ off and stop bringing up this bullshit will ya cause it’s not mine!” (I’m like an old fish wife when I’m rattled)

Quite frankly, Robert is a coward. He is terrified of strong women and I think I scared him off. I haven’t heard from him since.

Anyway. Yesterday we went for lunch and I tried on everything I own… only to find that I only really had one outfit that fitted! I started trying on other things…. Too big, too big…. I started adding things to my ever growing pile.

I dug out some other clothes from the cave.. too summery…or oh… far too small….

This was not fun. Losing weight is supposed to make this easier… but I was getting stressed and I literally had nothing to wear!

I have only really got one outfit that’s perfect for me right now and that was in the wash cause I wore it on Saturday!

And so the temptation was to fall back into the bigger clothes for a little while…. I mean I don’t want to spend money on new clothes when Im going to shrink again do I? Those jeans are only a little bit baggy… at least they are comfy…. That dress will look ok…maybe I’ll look slimmer if my clothes are loose?

Suddenly… Standing in front of that mirror, in my bra and knickers, with a towel on my head I realised that this is history attempting to repeat itself. I’ve flaming well been here before and it’s all Roberts fault.

I wasn’t keeping the clothes just in case I ever got fat again…. no I was definitely getting rid of them and I’d already donated a load of clothes when I started losing weight in November. I’m not expecting to fail… That wasn’t the issue.

Falling backwards is something which comes up for me over and over again…. In fact it’s the pattern of a lifetime.

I lose a bit of weight. Nothing really fits, so I put the old clothes on as a temporary measure and then, feeling slinky underneath my too big clothes I allow myself to slip because “look at me! Im doing so well… all my clothes are loose!… I can pick up again on Monday”

And before I know it, I’m stuffing crisps into my gob and the too big clothes are just ‘my clothes’ again and the too small stuff is back in a box in the cave while I look for the next miracle diet.

Well….. not this time Robert, you hoof clomping spanner wanger. (Robert is named after another horrid little troll I once knew and usually I use real swear words when I talk about him… but I didn’t want to offend anyone here with my fruity language)

So, I dug out the black chiffon dress… threw it on a quick wash, hung it up by the radiator and wore it (slightly damp!) for lunch.

Then I came home, and put all the ‘too big’ clothes into a big black sack. And then I added the ‘almost too big’ ones to the sack for good measure.

And now I’m taking this bag of clothes to the town recycling store where they take all sorts of donations and either recycle them or sell them to fund a charity that helps people get back into work.

I’m also hoping that Robert jumped in the bag with them…. if he didn’t suffocate, he could at least go and work there…. it would be good to keep him busy instead of hanging around my head trying to goad me into eating crisps.

Ps: giving names to things I hate is standard for me.

I once told a friend to name the rat in her loft after her old boss because then she wouldn’t feel so bad killing it…

…and I suggested another friend name her cancer after her horrible ex boyfriend. 😆.

Don’t come to me for sympathy. I’m not good at it, but I might make you laugh so hard your catheter pops out. 😆😆😆

Ps those tiles don’t get any cleaner… trust me I’ve tried it all! 😆

Day 26!

I’m full of excitement for the next phase. I know it’s not over yet, and I’m still diligently doing all the 30 day things. There’s something quite therapeutic about writing everything down. I quite enjoy the ritual.

Today I have finally finished sorting my wardrobe. Having said that I’d got rid of things that were too big, I had to admit that I’d held onto a couple of comfort things… in fact I was wearing one of them and it was only as I got ready for bed I realised!

But today I completely got rid.

Another bag (bigger than the last one!) is ready to go to charity tomorrow!

Now my wardrobe only contains clothes that actually fit and I’m left creating a ‘look’ out of one pair of linen trousers and some leggings!

Fortunately I have enough tops and dresses to get away with it… and it should make the washing pile smaller (but more urgent!)

Anyone else aiming for a Pinterest-Style capsule wardrobe? 😆

Day 27!

Running a round a bit today. Getting up to date with work, cleaning the house and packing ready for a week in the UK! 🇬🇧

Packing is easy because I only have enough clothes to fill a suitcase anyway (and I’m hoping to leave some of them behind at a charity shop in the UK too!) 🧳

On that note I went to the charity shop again to do another drop off… and the three women working there were all wearing something I donated on Tuesday! 😆

Anyway. One of my most important items to pack is my food diary and the mindset guide. I still look at it every day! Plus a little bottle (security allowance sized!) of ACV and some pink salt to keep me going while I travel. In my suitcase is more herbal tea, more salt, a (well wrapped) jar of coconut oil mixed with cacao powder for emergency fat snacks over the coming week if I need them (I will melt and pour into an ice in tray when I get home so that they can live in mums freezer) and I will go shopping for all other essential supplies once I land! 🥦

I’ll be continuing with the 30 days while I’m away and then start the main programme as soon as I’m back.

Today I went through and ticked off a few goals on my 50 reasons! One of them is to be comfortable in an aeroplane seat so I’ll be updating from seat 14b on Friday at about 7am French time!

I’ve joined the main programme. It’s worth it.

For anyone who thinks they should get 1-1 coaching and a hardbacked book posted to your address for that price, you probably need a reality check.

If you think she should be offering this at a cheaper price because she wants to help? Do you work for free? Should nurses and dentists work for free?

There are loads of free resources out there. Did you listen to the live? Did you hear what is included? This is the most comprehensive programme I have ever seen. If you think there’s something better out there then go and look for it but don’t bring others down with you.

If you can’t afford it then I really do get it. I couldn’t have paid for it this time last year. I couldn’t have bought a Rolls Royce either. But that is my limitation. It doesn’t mean that the car company should bring the price down! 😆

Just waiting for access to the main FB group and I will be heading over there to add my high vibes to theirs!

Day 28

My thoughts…. I started writing this last night and it’s a long one so my apologies. I am going to share it in the main group too (of which I will soon be a member!) but I wanted it here as well as I hope it’s helpful to others.

This is without doubt the first time I have ever stayed on any ‘diet’ for this long.

I haven’t stretched my allowances, cheated, or gone off plan once. It wasn’t always plain sailing but I never once felt it was difficult.

Yes I had headaches, sickness, diarrhea and all the other issues. I also had days of crushing fatigue, ravenous hunger, dizzy spells and brain fog. But even on those days I never once had to ‘dig in’ in order to continue.

I’ve eaten out about 8 times over the last 4 weeks and never once felt deprived.

Very early on I realised that there was something very different about this plan.

I’ve done diets my entire life.

I’ve downloaded menu plans, and filled in forms and done the suggested work to reprogramme myself to think like a slim person. I’ve set goals, made plans, bought all the right foods/shakes/pills …..but I’ve always failed. Often very quickly, but always well before a month is up.

I’ve also understood keto for a long time. I’ve always known it’s what I needed to do. It worked. But I just couldn’t seem to do it. Or I could but I would cheat or tweak and ultimately fail.

The thing is. Most diets talk to your inner critic. Your Ego. The voice of fear. Even the standard SW or WW plan. It’s based on telling your inner critic that in order to succeed you need to set a goal and do the plan. They tell you that if you do it properly… it works for everyone.

The problem with that is your inner critic is ready to sabotage you at any moment. For all sorts of reasons.

And the standard diet industry is very happy about that… because then they can blame you.

The diet works.

You just didn’t do it properly
You didn’t want it enough
You didn’t have enough willpower
Your why needs to be stronger than your why not!
Nothing tastes as good as thin feels!

And because you can see a thousand people succeeding (for now) you blame yourself too. And you pay them more money to try again.

The difference here is that Deborah doesn’t talk to our inner critic. She encourages us to listen to him… and then she galvanizes our inner coach.

She has created a simple food plan that is so basic you can just shop and then put the meal together like it’s a jigsaw puzzle. No thought required.

The food nourishes and induces ketosis which stops us feeling hungry and makes remarkable healing happen inside. It equips our inner coach with a suit of armor so that she can fight off your critic and put him back in his box

And while that’s happening we can continue in blind faith that it will work while we work on the mindset stuff

And it’s more than just goal setting.

In fact, goal weight is a tiny part of it. Our goals feature in our 50 reasons but the reason there are 50 is because Deb recognises that wanting to shed weight is so much deeper than just your goals of being a certain size or weight, healing illness and wanting to run around after your kids.

The mindset booklet is an exercise in hearing the two voices that exist in our head and being able to identify which is which.

Our 50 reasons is largely our inner coach. Our 20 reasons to stay the same… that’s our inner critic.

We don’t have to silence the critic. It’s not about slaying him. It’s about being able to tell the difference between a thought or a belief that is driven by love or fear. Your inner guide or your ego. Your inner coach or your inner critic.

We don’t even have to ignore him (mine is a him. His name is Robert and he is an arse)

We have to listen to what he has to say.

Really listen. Feel the feeling.

Then examine it and call it out for the bullshit that it is.

For example:

‘Your mum always said you were fat’

‘Thanks Robert. I hear you. But my mum had her own issues. They were not my fault. I choose to forgive her, but I will not hold myself accountable her bullshit anymore’

‘You were called ‘tree trunks’ at school. You will always have awful legs’

“Thanks Robert. Those kids that called me that were deeply insecure in themselves. Sometimes it easier for teenagers to deflect attention and cover up their own issues with bravado and bullying. Their behaviour was nothing to do with me, and I hope they have dealt with their problems now they are older. I’m sure that I did similar things too. We all grow up don’t we?’

When you allow your inner critic to speak and then you respond….. magic happens. Your inner coach finds her voice and those issues that we have carried for so long can be dissolved.

And we can do that by putting in the mindset work. Every day, but especially at the start.

The book that contained the 30 day food plan was important.

I printed the important pages and I read the whole thing several times.

But my mindset book was the single most important thing that has kept me going. I guarded that book. I took it everywhere. It was the only bit of the plan I packed for my visit to the UK.

It is dog eared and tatty and torn but it feels like it’s my bible. It is the voice of my inner coach.

I wasn’t bought up in a religious home … but maybe that’s how Christians or other religions view their god? Maybe it is simply the voice of their inner coach. The voice of love. The universe responding to us and saying ‘yes… what is it that you want?… let’s go get it’

I’m learning more about spirituality and I believe in universal energy and the power of prayer, meditation and the law of attraction.

And the more I think about it… the more certain I am that we can use the word God, the universe, love and our inner coach interchangeably.

Anyway. This is the difference between your average commercial diet plan and this one. I’ve done SW and WW before and I treated the food book as my bible… but that wasn’t my inner coaches voice… that was a one size fits all food plan that I needed willpower to follow. Apart from the odd scribble or post it note I added there was nothing of me in that book at all.

In contrast… My mindset book is mine. I wrote it. (With Deborah Murtaghs help of course)….. and it’s nothing like yours. It’s my inner coach that speaks from the pages and your inner coach will speak from yours.

With that book in my hands… there is no willpower required. I just don’t want to go off plan. And if I ever had a wobble, I would first check that I was doing the plan right… and then read my bible.

I am exited about changing to the full programme. I know that it will be simple and I know that I will just do it, read everything and lean on the support of another awesome community.

What I don’t fear is my ability to do it. I don’t feel like I need to find the willpower or sacrifice anything. And I don’t have any concern that it won’t work.

Because I just know that it will. And not because I’ve dedicated myself to it. But because I did the one thing that Deborah tells us to at the very start.

Do the mindset work.

I’m reading the new mindset book and I’m excited. Really excited. I will print it this week but I’ve already started thinking about it.

It’s huge but that’s not daunting to me anymore. I feel that I’m about to go in an even bigger spiritual journey and it’s just exactly what I’ve always needed.

It almost seems irrelevant to mention my physical results because me the changes in my head are the most dramatic…however:

Endometriosis symptoms gone
Peri menopause symptoms gone
Obvious body composition changes !
Centimeters reduced
Weight returned to the universe about 10kg (could be more but the scales are lumpy!)

I am down a dress size. It’s difficult to say that because lots of my clothes I owned were too tight and I was wearing a lot of leggings and deliberately baggy clothes…. however now my tighter clothes fit nicely and I’ve thrown the rest away!

Finally. This graphic is from is the first post I shared in this group… just before the challenge started. And it was like I knew even then that this would be different.

So. Thank you. All of you. To the inspired, the grateful and the excited. You have been my cheerleaders and my support. More than you know. And for those who struggled I hope that I was able to help in some small way. Trust me that you sharing your issues has helped us all too.

I hope to see lots of you in the main group! I plan to continue sharing my thoughts… sorry. 😆

Day 30 of the challenge.

I’m carrying on with this food plan until I start detox next weekend but I wanted to mark today.

I’m over 12kg down. Probably just over a dress size and I’ve just navigated my latest ‘life proof’ test.

I’m in Birmingham UK this week! It’s the city I grew up in and whenever I come back I always have a curry. I can and do cook curry for myself and we do eat it all the time but nothing beats placing an order and having lots of little metal tins with different things in them turn up.

We are also lucky that there are plenty of really good takeaways here so we are confident that there won’t be loads of MSG, weird oils or sugar added.

There was no way I was missing this. The plan has to be sustainable and life proof BUT for me that means staying on track.

That’s now non negotiable for me… so I chose wisely and ate my selection without sneaking a bit of poppadom or naan bread.

I had a good lunch and only 1 fat portion for the day, so I had plenty wiggle room because it’s hard to tell exact amounts for fat in sauces.

I ordered a speciality curry, made with chicken and a lot of chilli. There were tomatoes, lots and lots of chillis, onions and loads of spices plus probably some fat to make up the sauce.

As a side dish I ordered sag paneer. Indian cheese with spiced spinach. The cheese was my fat – not sure if its compliant but Ill take the hit on that for Day 30 and there was no sauce other than a little liquid and garlic.

So, I reckon that covered my protein, at least 2 fats, a portion of vegetables in the sauce which was made from tomatoes onion, chilli and garlic, plus lots of free leafy green spinach – all my quota for dinner. 😀

I tested ketosis before bed and then again this morning and it was all good! ☺️

This plan is life proof. But I don’t want that to mean I can just go off track.

I want it to mean I can find ways of staying on track without feeling deprived and without resorting to faux replacements.

I’ll say that bit again.

I want to find ways of staying on track without feeling deprived and without resorting to faux replacements.

There’s a massive difference.

I’ve done loads of plans where life proof means you have to eat a substandard replacement or where you can choose to go off plan for a day and accept less weight loss, or you cut back the next day or do more exercise or (more usual) you say oh sod it… and before you know it you have a second, third and fourth off plan day…

Not this time Robert!

(For a full Robert/inner critic explanation please earlier!)

Roberts version of life proof means

“go on.. you deserve it”

“It’s only small”

“The diet has to be life proof, you can’t say that you will never eat a poppadom again… if you can’t do that then you will fail because you don’t have the will power to never eat those things again!”

Whereas my version is ‘this is my life. And this plan is so life proof I love it. I’m already giving myself what I deserve. This food is awesome and it’s helping me look and feel better than I have in years. I don’t even want a mouthful of poppadom.

This isn’t willpower. This requires no active thinking. I just don’t want it.

Now bog off Robert you arse”

A subtle difference but in the latter scenario, Robert falls into the machine that makes the dough and is turned into a peshwari naan while my inner coach happily has another mouthful of chicken curry and then relaxes on the sofa with a cup of ginger tea! 😍

Now to move onto the main programme which differs slightly from the 30 day challenge and is more structured.

5 thoughts on “Deborah Murtaghs Ketogenic Switch – My 30 day Challenge experience.

  1. Thank you so much for putting your experience on the web. I’m considering the 30-day challenge and this has really helped me trying to imagine what it will be like.


  2. I was only looking for a 2 minute review on Deborah Murtagh’s 30 day challenge and couldn’t stop reading, I love your style. Day 25 an absolutely confirmed it so glad you f*#ked Robert off. Thanks for sharing your journey. You look and sound like an amazing lady.
    PS. You should affiliate, you’d make a fortune.


    1. Hi Suzanne! So sorry I didn’t see this comment. Yes! I’m still sticking to it and yes it’s staying off! I’m very slowly losing more as time goes on – not so much in the scales but my shape is changing.


  3. Loved reading your experience Suzanne. You are such a great storyteller it made me very excited about starting Debs 30day challenge on the 1st April.
    Thank you


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