The Heart Dress…

It’s not Frock it up Friday…. but I was putting some stuff away and I thought I’d try this dress on again.

I took these two photos on the left back in November last year (before I joined TKS… but following a low carb plan that I’ve always done)

The dress is under some serious pressure! 😆

The middle photos were taken in February, during Deborah Murtaghs 30 Day Dress Size Challenge. You can see my belly overhang stretching the fabric and it was not comfortable around my legs. It was stretched.

And the final two on the right were taken this morning. It’s hanging as it should, with a lot of room.

I bought this dress years ago and I loved it. For the last 10 years it’s been in the wardrobe, taunting me that one day I would get back into it.

My favourite dress!

Now I can get into it, I realise I don’t really like it that much anymore.

If you have this dress then please don’t take offence to what I say now. Because on someone else it will be different.

It’s (dare I say it) a bit boring…. it represents the old Emma. The one who was married and in a job she hated. Unhappy and too chicken to do anything about either problem because in a world where people had real problems, me being ‘not all that happy’ wasn’t really serious enough…

In writing that, I actually heard my someone else’s voice in my head… and I’ve recognised some other bullshit I’ve carried around for years. Amazing what comes up in this process isn’t it?

Anyway. This is the kind of dress the old me would have worn because I didn’t want to stand out too much. It allowed me to blend in and fit in the box I’d put myself.

I was mid 30s, a wife and soon to be mum with a steady job and a nice income. I was dull. Vanilla and bored … oh so bored.

In the last 10 years things have changed. I don’t think I have changed… I think I’ve just allowed myself to become who I always was … I don’t feel different now to who I was when I was in my 20s… I just think that I got lost somewhere in my 30s and in my 40s I changed back again.

Despite that, I’d held this dress up on a pedestal because I thought I wanted to wear it… but the truth is, I don’t want to be the person who wore it.

It’s taken until now to realise that even though the dress fits my body, I just don’t think it fits ‘me’ anymore.

So it’s another one for the charity pile.

But it does illustrate how much my body has changed in a few short months.

I will keep it for a while, and when I take the final photo of it falling off me, I will give it to someone else!

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