Beetroot Mary Anyone?

Happy Easter all!

It’s warm and Spring like here and I’m enjoying the sun on the balcony with my new favourite apero drink…. a Beetroot Mary!

Beet kvass is on the probiotic list of my diet plan (150ml) and I make it every week. It’s easier than kombucha or kefir and as a bonus the boys get to eat the beetroot (beetroot itself is NOT on my list until maintenance, but for those who can eat it, it’s raw it’s crunchy and full of probiotics… or you can roast it like normal)

I buy organic beetroot. Wash and dice, pop into a Kilner jar, sprinkle a tablespoon of good salt over it and then top up with water. I also like to add grated ginger too (you don’t need to peel it)

Lid on, and leave in a warmish room for a few days.

You can see bubbles form after a day or so, and I usually taste every day until it’s sour and salty and beetrooty!

Then strain out the beetroot and bottle the liquid, which keeps in the fridge for ages.

I use the same beetroot twice before replacing with a new batch.

It’s messy but worth it!

I enjoy a glass over ice with tobasco, Worcestershire sauce, pepper, salt and a slice or lemon. It’s the perfect replacement for my beloved Bloody Mary!


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