Sensational Seventies!

Happy Friday ladies!

Since lockdown started, every Friday I put on a frock and do my face. This week … in one of my basement ‘shopping’ trips… I discovered this dress.

My sensational 70s dress!

First purchased 10 years ago for a 70s themed hen night and there I am on that hen night in the second photo!

The dress the last time I wore it back in 2010

10 years ago I hadn’t yet fallen pregnant with my son.

When I found the dress I thought still needed to lose a lot of weight to be able to wear it again so I was surprised that it fitted so well.

Looking at these photos I’ve realised that 10 years ago I was actually bigger than I am now. I had to wear a vest underneath the dress to protect my modesty and I’m sitting on that wall self consciously avoiding the camera.

In those days there is no way I would have considered this dress suitable for my day to day wardrobe, but now? That baby is staying! Not just for fancy dress either. I’m hoping for a summer post-lockdown party so that I can wear it!

Oh how things have changed!

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