Non Food Treats!

Today I went shopping for non food treats!

One new pair of trousers to get me through the next size, a load of new vest tops, tights, some new boots, a couple of pairs of (cheap) reading glasses, some new sunnies and some stuff for my hair that I can never get in France… plus a big spend up in Rituals which I love!

Oh and I found a few little foodie treats in Holland and Barrett too.

Three BIG things happened today that made me smile.

First of all I kept seeing myself in shop windows and was amazed at how slim I look. I can’t remember the last time I looked at my reflection and liked what I saw. 👀

Secondly I allowed myself to have my photo taken full length! 📸

Thirdly I wandered around Primark thinking ‘that looks quite big’ and then optimistically threw in some 12-14s (medium) which I’ve got home and found they fit!

Last time I went to Primark was last summer, and I was buying XXL because I wanted a baggy fit. This time I’m happy to go tighter.

I’m a bloody medium! 😍😍😍

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