Curry Night!

Day 30 of the 30 day keto challenge. I’m carrying on with this food plan until I start detox next weekend but I wanted to mark today.

I’m over 12kg down. Probably just over a dress size and I’ve just navigated my latest ‘life proof’ test.

I’m in Birmingham UK this week! It’s the city I grew up in and whenever I come back I always have a curry. I can and do cook curry for myself and we do eat it all the time but nothing beats placing an order and having lots of little metal tins with different things in them turn up.

We are also lucky that there are plenty of really good takeaways here so we are confident that there won’t be loads of MSG, weird oils or sugar added.

There was no way I was missing this. The plan has to be sustainable and life proof BUT for me that means staying on track.

That’s now non negotiable for me… so I chose wisely and ate my selection without sneaking a bit of poppadom or naan bread.

I had a good lunch and only 1 fat portion for the day, so I had plenty wiggle room because it’s hard to tell exact amounts for fat in sauces.

I ordered a speciality curry, made with chicken and a lot of chilli. There were tomatoes, lots and lots of chillis, onions and loads of spices plus probably some fat to make up the sauce.

As a side dish I ordered sag paneer. Indian cheese with spiced spinach. The cheese was my fat – not sure if its compliant but Ill take the hit on that for Day 30 and there was no sauce other than a little liquid and garlic.

So, I reckon that covered my protein, at least 2 fats, a portion of vegetables in the sauce which was made from tomatoes onion, chilli and garlic, plus lots of free leafy green spinach – all my quota for dinner. 😀

I tested ketosis before bed and then again this morning and it was all good! ☺️

This plan is life proof. But I don’t want that to mean I can just go off track.

I want it to mean I can find ways of staying on track without feeling deprived and without resorting to faux replacements.

I’ll say that bit again.

I want to find ways of staying on track without feeling deprived and without resorting to faux replacements.

There’s a massive difference.

I’ve done loads of plans where life proof means you have to eat a substandard replacement or where you can choose to go off plan for a day and accept less weight loss, or you cut back the next day or do more exercise or (more usual) you say oh sod it… and before you know it you have a second, third and fourth off plan day…

Not this time Robert!

(For a full Robert/inner critic explanation please see my previous long post)

Roberts version of life proof means

“go on.. you deserve it”

“It’s only small”

“The diet has to be life proof, you can’t say that you will never eat a poppadom again… if you can’t do that then you will fail because you don’t have the will power to never eat those things again!”

Whereas my version is ‘this is my life. And this plan is so life proof I love it. I’m already giving myself what I deserve. This food is awesome and it’s helping me look and feel better than I have in years. I don’t even want a mouthful of poppadom.

This isn’t willpower. This requires no active thinking. I just don’t want it.

Now “bog off Robert you arse”

A subtle difference but in the latter scenario, Robert falls into the machine that makes the dough and is turned into a peshwari naan while my inner coach happily has another mouthful of chicken curry and then relaxes on the sofa with a cup of ginger tea! 😍

No food photos cause I thought it maybe a trigger to someone just starting out so here is my February weight graph. There were wobbles and plateaus but I trusted and it worked!

Now to prepare for detox and release even more inflammation and fat back to the universe who I hope will recycle it into cold hard cash and deliver it back to me.

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