Alcohol Free?

I thought I’d share something today. Hopefully helpful.

This month I started a new diet.  i will share about that later, but as I was perusing the group set up to gather all of us together, I started to see a lot of ‘I need to quit wine’ and it can’t quit wine’ posts.  I get it.  For many people, this is the hardest part.

I quit in November last year.

My diet was ok. Apart from a love of wine, gin and beer. And I loved it. A lot.

But I quit (that’s another story) and I didn’t change anything else about my diet.

In fact I ate a bit more crap over Christmas than I would have done normally, because my plan was to go hardcore on a diet in the new year. (Hence being on this new plan!)

It’s only been 89 days…. I’ve lost several kilos. Dropped a good dress size (closer to 2 dress sizes actually) and just look at my face.

I don’t give a stuff what the scales say. I don’t wear that number on my face. But I was wearing several litres of wine on my face.

It may seem like a small thing to just carry on drinking as long as you do the rest of the diet but it has the power to make all the difference.

I’m excited to see what will happen when I am consistent with my diet!



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