Halloween and Toussaint

Halloween. William is fast asleep, it’s dark and silent, the shutters are closed and I’m home alone.

But it’s France. The chances of someone knocking the door asking for sweets is very slim and the noises from this house that I once thought strange are now quite normal!

Here, Halloween is still All Hallows’ Eve. There is a token end of aisle in the Supermarket selling orange and black tat, but not much else and most of the pumpkins in the market are being sold for soup.

October 31st is recognised here, as the day before All Saints (or All Hallows’) Day and just like it’s Pagan origins it’s a time for visiting the graves of loved ones and honouring their memory by placing flower tributes and lighting candles.

Known as Toussaint, All Hallows’ Day is a holiday.

The supermarkets are closed and the days symbolism revolves around death, but in a peaceful and joyous way. The flower market has been open for days, selling mainly chrysanthemums and the florists have huge displays of the same pouring onto the pavement.

Chrysanthemums are representative of death and grief here (quite the opposite of what they represent in other parts of the world) they are never given as gifts, even though – as you can see, they are really quite beautiful.

Anyway. Whether or not you celebrate. Whether you are hiding behind the sofa with the doorbell turned off or running around the streets with the kids, I wish you a happy evening!

I don’t do Halloween, but a lot of my customers do, so here’s a quick look I created using just the products in my make up bag!

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