Contentment and Dry January.

coffee cup sober dry JanuarySMLXL

Today is January 1st 2017 and I have made the momentous decision to take a little break from the booze.  We love our wine and gin but even we admit it will do us good to get some water down our necks – especially after a ‘heavy’ Christmas.
Its something I always consider doing each year but normally the prospect of January without anything fun to do, with it’s cold weather and short days is such a miserable thought that I always suspend all such silly ideas and decide to take it easy instead (but definitely NOT quit!)
This year though, its different.  Living in France it’s hard to avoid wine, but saying ‘no’ doesn’t make me feel like I am missing out.  I love my home and my town and I no longer need to find things to cheer me up or entertain me. Its the difference between being happy with your life and wanting to escape it all the time.  Instead, I plan to spend January drinking herbal tea and enjoying living in this amazing place.
So, as I write this.  I am sitting in Heathrow Airport, about to return home after a wonderful couple of weeks with my family in the UK and I feel content and satisfied.  I’m not sad that the holidays are over or that I have to return to reality, because reality is where I am happiest.
This realisation has allowed me to address some things. Years ago, when I was earning plenty of money and could afford expensive dresses and nights out, I used to envy people who had a more simple life.   Those people seemed to be content with fewer and less expensive things.  They didn’t seem to feel like they were missing out – yet they had far less than me and little ability to obtain as much as I could.  They seemed happy with their lot and had no need to augment it – except to just take a little time now and then to go for a walk or enjoy a cup of tea.  Interestingly, it took a cup of coffee, while sitting in a pub at Heathrow Airport for me to appreciate exactly how happy I now am.
Will Dry January last forever?  Unlikely.  In fact, impossible.   I have already given myself a pass to enjoy a glass or two of wine when a friend visits later in the month – but I will go straight back on the wagon and continue to enjoy a booze free month.  Now. Pass the Pukka!

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