Autumn Falls. A burst of colour.

It feels late to say that Autumn has arrived – but it finally has.  Our Summer days seemed to go on forever, with a beautiful October, and even now the temperatures are warmer than I would expect for November – even here in SW France.
The most striking thing about the change in the seasons here is the colour.  In Spring the trees erupt with bright pink blossom, then in the summer those trees are laden with fruit – everything from figs to cherries and walnuts too.
Now though, on a daily basis you can see the trees in the hills that surround the town changing to golden brown, orange and yellow and today I think the shades of Autumn really hit their peak.
As the leaves start to fall, they expose buildings and features that are often not seen in the Summer months, making for some interesting views.
I am very aware of the seasons here and excited about the opportunities for photography this year.  Its been our first full year in Villefranche-de-Rouergue and so far we have experienced everything from torrential rain and a swollen river to a glorious heatwave – and we are told to expect snow in the winter.  I can’t help but want to book photography students in for all four seasons – even though I know the summer sunshine is a big draw for our clients.

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