Being Chosen: A family of cats arrive

Cat kitten playing gingerSMLXL

SLXLMtabby cat kitten
Over the last few weeks we have noticed a number of kittens invading the garden!  It all started with a skinny little cat who had been in the wars and then one day she bought the family to meet us.  5 kittens, all with different markings but unmistakably hers.  Mum sat and watched as the kittens played and explored the garden – occasionally popping into the veranda for a nose around and to nibble on one of the treats I had started leaving for them.  I hope they decide to stay, although they are quite feral and not really interested in humans – other than for a ready supply of food.
SLXLMcat white kitten
Two ginger kittens, cat
Just being able to watch them through the window feels like an enormous privilege and I’m secretly really proud that mum trusts us enough to bring her beloved babies to us.  We have given them all names – but nothing very creative.  This one in the photo is ‘Socks’ so named because of her lovely white paws.  If I had the choice (and I don’t – they will decide!) then this is the one I would like to have curled up on my lap in the evenings. The reality is they will all disperse sooner rather than later and probably contribute to the already huge feral cat population in this part of town.  We will never had a rat problem – that’s for sure!
Two kittens cats
mother cat kitten

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