Champion Bolognese: Happy Home Cooking

The bolognese of champions has just gone into the slow cooker. Full of offal, and hidden veggies it is one of my sons favourite meals (it’s messy though. I must remember to strip him before dinner in future as another school shirt ended up in the bin yesterday)

The basic recipe/method follows, but in truth it is so forgiving you could add pretty much anything (some of the veg in this needed to be used)




I fried an onion, 3 sticks of celery, and a leek (all finely diced) in beef fat (leftover from a roast, but you could use olive oil or similar) with 2 rashers of diced bacon. Then added garlic, minced chicken livers, finely diced beef heart and about 400g steak mince and a good helping of my home made chicken stock, freshly grated nutmeg and some oregano.

Finally just one tin of plum tomatoes (I buy them whole and squish with my hands) before pouring the lot into the slow cooker. It will be on low all day now, but will be ready in about 6 -8 hours. The heart needs slow cooking to tenderise properly.

My slow cooker is 3.5 litres and its full, so this will make enough for 2 adults and about 8 mini portions for the freezer. I always make this when I run out as its such an easy go-to dinner for him and much better than chucking something in the oven.


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