Instant Pot – my new obsession!

18954947_10154376173462811_6332622488518980437_oThe Instant Pot was an early birthday gift and I absolutely love it! Today I am going to cook these two lumps of beef that I bought from the bargain bucket at Leclerc and which have been taking up space in my freezer!

The Instant Pot is basically an electric pressure cooker, which can also saute and slow cook.  Its been a long time since I used a pressure cooker (think Home Ec classes when I was a teenager!) and I’ve really enjoyed learning about this as a new technique in my kitchen!

This beef was sold as being for slow cooking, so it was already a cheap cut, but these packs were found in the bargain reduced section of the supermarket so the further reduction made them a really good deal but they have been languishing in my freezer for ages!

Spurred on by my new kitchen toy, I decided to defrost them and experiment with cooking times.

The beef cut turned out to be shin.  Really tough and probably the toughest cut of beef possible.  Lots of connective tissue and sinew to cut through, which was hard work even with my sharp knife.  I didn’t trim the meat though, preferring all that lovely connective tissue to melt into the sauce and lubricate the meat as it cooked.

I cut the meat into big chunks, stirred it with some ground ginger, whole raw garlic cloves and a cup of home made chicken stock before setting the pressure cooker for 40 minutes.

After 40 minutes, the alarm sounded and I cancelled the machine to allow for a natural pressure release.  Another 10 minutes later, the pin dropped and I opened the pot to find meltingly tender meat, a lovely meaty stock and not a hint of mushy or chewy meat.

Served with horseradish mashed potato and green beans it was the perfect evening meal for 3, and there is at least enough leftovers for another 3 meals later in the week!


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